Goals system before implementing it. An extract

Goals can be long-term or short-term. Long-term goals require time and planning. On the other hand short-term goals is something that is to be done in the near future. Only few changes took place in my organisation in the past. But, fortunately things are changing. Now my organisation has set new long and short term goals. The goals are to give a better service to its customers and be in a position to publish election results in a short period of time.

At present we are in the process of introducing electronic counting during elections. This will facilitate a correct counting process by avoiding errors. This is a long-term goal. It needs planning and testing the system before implementing it.

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An extract from the 2017 General Elections Report, the Electoral Commission states that:
“Looking ahead, the commission reiterates its plan to introduce electronic vote counting at the 2019 local and European elections, to save time and money.? The objective is to have the result in hand in a few hours, rather than days. As a matter of fact the full result of last June’s election was presented to the Clerk of the House four days after the ballot took place”.

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