Going well. In modern Spain, these music styles

Going along with the differences in education, United States and Spain’s media is different as well. During Franco’s regime, the press, especially newspapers were censored to only what the government wanted people to know.

In 1966, a new law was passed to eliminate the censorship of the papers and the press. That law did not allow freedom of the press but did expand what the publishers and writers could talk about. It wasn’t until 1975 after Franco’s passing, that the spanish press was able to expand under a democratic government. Although now you are able to speak on plenty of subjects, sales of newspapers have fallen over the years. This could be due to the rise of technology. Only about 10% of the spanish population actually read a daily paper. Like the U.

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S, many different newspapers are sold in Spain. Sports newspapers are most common and most read and magazines are less popular. Music on the other hand is widely popular in Spain. Roman rule affected Spain in the music aspect of the country.

Music is stemmed from Ancient Greece from when Roman rule was present. During the 17th and 18th century, “Zarzuela” was very popular. It is a spanish opera. This type of opera was mostly centered in the country’s capital of Madrid where it was presented as entertainment for the court.

Other types of music that were based off of history were the Flamenco, Jota, and the Cobla. Folk songs are very common as well. In modern Spain, these music styles are still widely popular and are very common.     But music isn’t the only thing that is popular in Spain’s culture. Sports are a very big deal when it comes to Spain’s entertainment and danger level. Football (soccer) which is a sport that has been in Spain’s culture for years and is commonly played by most of the percentage of people in Spain. Whether it be  professional or not it’s taken very seriously when it comes to their love for football.

Especially when it’s time for the FIFA World Cup, where thousands come together and sit down and watch their favorite teams play against each other for the FIFA championship. A game that is aired all over that nation in the homes of any and everyone’s television screen. Soccer is a worldwide sport that is played anywhere and everywhere. Bringing joy and laughter and good times to all. Soccer in particular is a widespread passion amongst the people of spain.

It’s known to be  the second most popular recreational sport practiced by their population. Even tho soccer is such a popular sport in Spain nothing beats Spain’s traditional sports which have been around for years such as bullfighting.      Bullfighting is a traditional but yet dangerous game that has been around for over 200 years is a sport celebrated by thousands, the corrida de toros ( running of the bulls) is a game played in places like the Plaza de Toros which is a bullring in Spain. The objective of bullfighting is to defeat the bull by killing it. There are two types of fighters, the bullfighter is a professional torero and the one who actually kills the bull is called a matador (the most senior bullfighter). For bullfighting there are three stages to the game. Stage one is called Tercio de Varas ( third of lances). This stage is to determine how fierce the bull is and how aggressive it’s behavior is.

Then two people enter on horses to stab the bull in the neck. Stage two of  bullfighting is called the Tercio de banderillas (third of flags). This is where two other men try to stick sharp sticks in the bulls shoulder which causes the bull to be more aggressive and angry but also weaker too.

Then their is the final stage, stage three also known as Tercio de Muerte (third of death). During this stage the mantador enters the ring with a sword and a red cloth used to taunt the bull. He waves it around with a method of passes until he finds a close enough spot to stab the bull right between his shoulder blade straight threw to the heart. Bullfighting is one of the most praised sports in Spain rating 10th in entertainment, it’s become such a commodity over the years that even some tourist come to watch a game. It may be the most difficult thing to watch for some but it’s all apart of Spain’s culture. Spain is known for a whole lot of good but like any other country it has its downsides to it.

Crime in particularly in Spain is relatively low compared to other countries. But there are still common crimes that are committed in Spain especially against tourist. Like all crimes punishments are put out based on the severity of the crime in itself.

Things like theft and minor offenses are given the minimum penalties which are house arrest from one to six weekends (house arrest is only on weekends for minimal crimes), also things like  community service are given  for sixteen to ninety six hours, there is even fines of up to five days to two months, which are calculated by the harshness of the crime. Less serious penalties like involuntary manslaughter or driving under the influence can be punished by jail time from six months to a year, or the loss of a driving license up to one or six years, and the convicted may be forbidden from living or visiting a specific place by six months to three years. Serious penalties are put towards crimes like manslaughter and murder.

Theses crimes are punishable with being given more than three years jail time, if convicted you may not be allowed to visit a specific place for three years or more. Also you can have a suspension of employment which is three years or more as well. Each punishment really depends on how serious the crime is and how harshly it was committed. Spain’s way of punishment is definitely much more different than the way we do things here. Due to Spain’s low crime rate the punishments aren’t as server as the ones here in the United States. As you can see, Spain and the United States are vastly different.

Along with education, family, and sports, each aspect of society are different in their own way. But, this is what makes Spain so great. This is what makes each country an individual.

Each and every country has their own traits, traditions, and diversity which makes them all uniquely magnificent. Spain is an incredibly beautiful country filled with vibrant people and has an amazing cultural standpoint. Life in Spain would be an amazing thing to experience with all its cultural traditions and viewpoints. Spain is one of those countries that everybody should visit atleast once in their lifetime. Spain has a very different way of life but at the same time being very similar to ours here in America. With all their freedoms and liberties Spain is an incredible place to be.

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