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Last updated: April 10, 2019

A Good Dog Owner V’s A Bad Dog Owner Barbara Cooper ENG 121 Miss Craig July 18, 2011 Can you remember a time growing up, when your family or friend decided to adopt or purchase a family pet? Or, may you recall an experience with neighbors that had a dog? Thinking back, was there ever a time when you may have thought if the dog had a good owner or a bad owner? I would like to discuss a couple scenarios to think about. Think of a possible neighbor, with a couple dogs in the back yard. Are the dogs cared for properly? Are the dogs getting fed and fresh water daily? Notice if there is proper shelter.

There are similarities and differences between a good dog owner and a bad dog owner. Both good and bad dog owners usually want a puppy because, how can they resist the cuteness of a baby? Either type of owner may decide to obtain their new puppy from a shelter or purchase one from a pet store. After the desired puppy is decided on, both owners are very much excited to bring the puppy into the home. Buying bowls, food and toys are usually some of the first things that are bought by both types of owners. Sometimes, family members may argue who will take care of the puppy.

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Initial excitement, gloating and great enjoyment is lavished upon the puppy. In a matter of time, the newness and excitement begins to wear off. After, the newness of the puppy has diminished, this is when differences of types of owners come into play. A good dog owner will consider the type of dog and if personality matches the owners. Other factors that would be considered by a good dog owner are, cost, time, energy and care that the dog will need. A good owner will make sure the puppy/dog has all their shots, wormed and properly tagged. Bad dog owners fail to consider the cost and upkeep; time and energy.These are important priorities and divide the owners in the responsibilities.

Getting into the direct care of a dog, the actual feeding, watering and shelter is a big factor on rather the owner is a good owner or a bad owner. Feeding the dog every day; along with giving fresh water, is something a good dog owner would do. Few feedings and lack of water would define a bad owner. Love, affection and shelter from harsh elements are other priorities of a good dog owner. Often, bad dog owners will chain a dog 24/7 outside in all elements. Bad owners typically lack empathy, compassion and withhold affection; basically forgotten.The biggest difference between a good dog owner and a bad dog owner is the lack of commitment. This commitment separates the two and sets the future of the rest of the dog’s life.

A good dog owner will care for the pet for the rest of the dog’s life. Possibly a bad dog owner will have a dog that will suffer in one way or another. The dog may be neglected, abused or dumped. In my final words, a measure of commitment, empathy and compassion is what separates a good dog owner from a bad dog owner. The shelters are full and dogs are killed every day.

The world needs many, many more “Good Dog Owners”.


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