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HOLIDAY- HOMEWORK (2013-14) CLASS X ENGLISH READING BBC Module 1- Worksheet Module 2- worksheet 15, Module 3- worksheet 29303132. WRITING Module 1- worksheet Module 2- worksheet Module 3- worksheet LITERATURE Module 5 – worksheet 59,61 (Page 1 51173 Write the drama ‘The Dear Departed’ in narrative form in notebook. GRAMMAR Module 4- worksheet SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY QI. Revise Ch. -1 and 2 of N. C.

E. R. T. Q2. Read Ch 6 and 7 of N. C. E.

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R. T. and make 25 questions (short answer type) from each chapter. Q3. Practical work: – Write experiment no 3, 4, 5,6,7,8,9,10 in your ractical file from laboratory manual (APC) Q 4.Project/ Model:- Prepare power point presentation or any Model from chapters related to FA-2 SOCIAL SCIENCE QI . Prepare a Project file on the following topics (any one) (i) Alternate Communication Skills Sharing Responsibility (iii) Tsunami (‘v) Safer Construction Practices (v) Survival skills Q 2 Map Work (To be pasted in text copy) (a) On an outline map of India locate and label the following: (i) Two States that were created after Independence (it) Two states whose names were changed (iii) The State where the Mother tongue is Malayalam ‘v) One Union territory that has legislature. b) On an outline map of World locate and label the following: (i) Two European countries that have a Federal government.

(it) One Asian country that has a Unitary government From APC Mathematics (In separate Note Book) Q 1 . Chapter No. 2, Polynomials: – Ex.

2. 3 Q. No. 6,7,8,10,14. Formative Assessment -rest 2; Q no 1 to 10 Q 2. Chapter no.

3- Pair of Linear Equations in two variables. Ex. 3.

1 – Q no EX. 3. 3 Q no 11,1213. , EX. 3. 4- Q no 7, 1213,14. , EX. NO.

3. 5 Q no 78. EX.

3. 6- Q no 6, 8, Formative Assessment Test 3, Q no. 1 to 10 Q 3.Revise chapter-I (Number system) of class IX Q 4.

Read chapter -6 (Triangles) of class X fgunh 1 vizsy&ebZ esa fd;k x;k d{kk dk;Z nksgJkb, A 2 ikB??”;iqLrd Li’kZ ikB 10]11 esa iz;qDr eqgkoJksa dk okD; iz;ksx dJsa A 3 fn;s x;s fo’k;ksa iJ vuqPNsn fy[ksaA HkzVkpkJ] ,drk esa gh cy gS] thou esa [ksy&dwn dk egRoA laL??”r hizk;ksfxd laL??”r O;kdJ. ke??”h hdh la- & 5&10 t;zuraA i “B la-& 79&83 t;zure-A hXkh fp=& ys[kua & ia%p fp=Jpf;rRok izR;sdL; laL??”rHkkkk;ka okD;kfu Jp;rA h? kh “B la-& 213&218 t;zure-A hMh ifJ;kstukdk;Za& la[;k% & ,dr% &’kre??” i;ZUre fyf[kRok fp=ek/;esu Liva dq:r A



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