Good queen. Face her, and tell her

Good Morning distinguish guests, supporting partners,
colleagues, mothers and daughters. Let me just start of with how grateful I am
to have you all here on this day to celebrate your Mother’s Love! Every year, Mother’s
Day falls on the second Sunday of May, and this year it is observed on 14th
May worldwide. Many of you might wonder, why would the great mighty billionaire
Jelene Lim organise this event for the public and it’s for Mother’s Day. Well,
this is because through my observations/personal encounters, I realised that we
took our Mothers for granted, all the cleaning, cooking, and do you remember
when you misplace something, who do you look for? Those phrases, “Mummy where
are my socks? Where is my bra and even, where is my homework!” Relatable am I
right? This event would then provide a platform for your very proper thank you
to her. I’m sure that after everything I’ve just said, all of you have
something to tell you mum now. But before that, Children, look under your
chair, see that red box? That’s not for you, that’s for your queen. Face her,
and tell her how much you appreciate her efforts, be it big or small. (Pause) I
too, have something to tell my mother. Mummy (looks at her), thank you for everything
that you have provided me with all these years, I was never short of anything,
be it love, materials or the things I need. When daddy decided to leave us, and
threw all the debts to us, you stayed strong, didn’t show your weak side to me
because you didn’t want me to worry, but I knew. We faced many downs together,
getting chased out of our own house, living in rental flats in one tiny room
and having to only survive with 1 meal a day. Despite all that, you always
provided me with what you could, you worked hard for me to continue school with
government support. And on days when you only have money to buy a meal, you
would still give it to me. Thank You Mummy, because of you, I can stand here on
stage to tell you how much I love you. With that, I would like to remind everyone
that our mother is the reservoir of unconditional love that makes us strong.
She is the one who keeps showing us the right path in life at every stage. So,
love her, honour her and respect her! Shall not hold back your dinner already!
Remember to #makeherqueen on Instagram when you take picture of your mum and
you using the JTude house product. 

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