GoPro been an increase of videos by 60%.

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Last updated: May 12, 2019

GoPro camera has become the new trend in some business markets to help market their product through videos. YouTube has become their advertising campaign; the advert is 4 minutes long with explanation of the product and some of the footage which can be captured with the camera. Moreover, people who have purchased this item have shared their video of the product viral so other people can see other people’s  experiences with the product; however there is more than one video which has been released; everyday up to 6000 videos are posted online with footage of the GoPro and theirs been an increase of videos by 60%.

 However, GoPro does not allow personal selling, they believe it’s not about selling the product; it’s about making an impact on the customer’s decision to buy the product. Through this customers will be able to give their own personal reviews about the product and if they believe it is worth the money, they will promote the product through word of mouth and through their videos which they might upload online.  There are different sales promotions that the GoPro business uses in order to promote their product, for example: Entering contests on the GoPro website – this includes anyone with a GoPro camera can enter in a video or picture of the day. The winners will receive a new camera and accessories from GoPro.  There could be deals available and this can be used to lower the prices and stay competitive with cheaper competing products.  This is good for the business because they are interacting with their existing customers’ by making them share their videos/pictures which they have captured throughout the day and other people will be able to see other people’s video/pictures of the day and you’ll be able to see who has been given the awards. Moreover, there direct marketing is the social media competition; people have the GoPro and has imaged captured will upload a picture once a day and the company will select their winner, this is how they market their product.

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  The general purpose and objective of the promotion mix is for people to buy their products; however, they have changed the way they have advertised their product. This is done through videos on YouTube which are 4 minutes long, they have avoided using any TV advertisement and online social media. The general purpose of this product is for people to buy the product and share memories with themselves and other people around them.  There promotional mix support their desired corporate images well because they are a high quality brand that like to take risks, for example, the 4 minute long advert.

This shows on their adverts because their videos are high quality; it also shows people are being adventurous whilst using the camera by visiting mysterious places. The cost of the promotion is very minimal because the business makes the customers promote the item through their videos and images. This is ideal because if people were not sure whether or not to purchase the product they will be able to go online and see the footages that people have uploaded and also see people’s personal reviews on their experience with the product. The long term benefit from this is the business will be saving money because they will not have to advertise the product, so they are making more profit from the product; this is ideal because they will be able to pay their staff and all the facilities they use. GoPro is targeted to a different range of people; I believe it is more targeted at people who tend to go out and enjoy taking pictures and making videos on a daily basis, this will be more ideal for them because it’s small and easy to use. On the other hand, the product is targeted at everyone because it’s an easy way of getting footages of important memories. The type of market they are in is business to consumer because the business is reaching out to their consumers to share their experiences with them on their camera and through the social media online competition the business is capable of seeing the memories/adventures people have been on whilst using their camera.

  In addition, GoPro’s marketing is relatively stable because due to the manufacturing product and how well it has been built, the business will wait approximately 1-2 years before they make a new product and add more features to them to improve their current product. Every business roughly goes through 6 months – 1 year of promotion before the product is released. The build-up before the product is released is important because the public needs to be aware of what is being released; however, the adverts didn’t share what the camera was going to contain. In every new advert they would release a new feature about the camera and by the release date people would be aware of all the features the camera had.   The objectives of the promotional mix to increase the customer’s satisfactions; the business will have to research their existing customers – this will be done through the videos/pictures which they have uploaded online and they will find ways in which they can make the products better for them so they will be able to purchase the new release of the GoPro.

Ways in which they would be able to get through their existing customers other than uploading their videos/pictures online is through registering their camera and giving them some information. Through the advertisement, you’ll be able to see the branding of the product because at the beginning of the advert it gives a clear image of the product and rest of the clip has footages of people using the GoPro whilst they are adventuring the world. Through the footage you’ll be aware of the brand and the feature that the brand has created. Through the way the business has branded their product has made them have competitors with other non-branded camera companies; this has caused a competition because every business will like to product good items in order to make a large of sales for the business so they can develop their current product.

 All the competitors are competing to see who can make the most sells through their products and see which product is better. Moreover, their promotional campaign is set up for a long term result; this is because people will continuously upload pictures/videos of them using the products and they will still be advertising the product through this. This is will benefit the business because their product will have continuously promotion by the public.  GoPro communicate their message to the customers through the videos/pictures; the senders are the people within the business and the receivers are the consumers. The feedback which they will receive back will be if they have the public viewing their pictures and videos on their website and participating in their online competition, also, if they have more customers buying their products. The media choices which they have chosen are: YouTube Social media TV adverts This is the easily and popular way of advertising their product because many people view the 3 things listed above daily and there is more of a chance of them stopping to read/watch the information given about the GoPro; also, through the reviews and images which have been shared online this may influence people to buy the camera.  AIDA stands for Attention/Attract – Interest – Desire – Action; the attention which should be given should be quick in order to grab people’s attention so they can stop and read what is being said and see if they are interested in the product. GoPro has made their product small and easy to use, which caught people’s attention.

Due to the size of the product and how accessible it is can make it easy for people of all age groups to use. However, if the business is small, they will have to do everything they can in order to create an image for themselves. The interest of the product is linked the audience which they are targeting the product too. To make people interested in the advertisement, GoPro have only shared information which the public would want to know, by doing this a message will be made to the audience.

By GoPro creating the competition, you’ll be able to see how people use the product and how much they enjoy it. The desire of the product is shown through the adverts; the places where the adverts where captured were very exotic and beautiful which perhaps made people want to purchase the product and adventure out to different places in order to capture beautiful moments for memories. The action which has been made is in their adverts either online or on the TV, there would be information about where they will be able to make the purchase and on YouTube in the description bar there’s a link the website and the audience will be able to access the link to purchase and view images/videos.  Guinness Guinness is an Irish stout which is a very popular beer and is brewed in almost 60 countries and available in over 120. TV has become their advertisement campaign which is approximately a minute long; during their advertisement there is not much advertisement about the drink, most of the advertisement tell a story. The recent advertisement which has been released on to this website, tells a story about people who have found their talent in jazz music. This doesn’t have any relation to Guinness however; this is how Guinness has decided to promote their product.

This is a very unique way of promoting their product because when people are viewing the adverts they will want to know what brand is be advertised and there is more of a chance of people stopping to view it rather than a normal advert.  PERSONAL SELLING There are different ways that Guinness promotes their product, such as: TV adverts  Social media  This is good for advertisement because of the way the business have made their advertisement, it makes people want to watch it and see what they are publishing; also because of the way they have made the advertisement it doesn’t really relate to the drink, however, that’s what makes the adverts more interesting.  Moreover, the form of direct marketing which is used is advertisement; the adverts are shown regularly and the drinks are promoted in stores and in restaurants, this would benefit the business because the business will be getting more recognition and sometimes in the stores they will do offers on the drinks. Guinness has renewed their sponsorship with a rugby team, Diageo till 2020; they took partnership in 2014 from RaboDirect. When they started their sponsorship, there sales increased by 4% in the second half of 2015 because of the Rugby World Cup in September and October. The general purpose and objectives of the promotion mix is for the public to buy their products; the purpose of the product is for people to buy the drink and enjoy themselves, but it is targeted at people over the age of 18. This is targeted at people over the age of 18 because this is an alcoholic substance and in the UK it’s legal to buy alcohol when you are over the age of 18. The promotional mixes do not support their desired images because the advert is not based on the drink, it based on a story and the end the drink is shown.

  Guinness has launched the most expensive TV advertisement in the 80 years of them marketing. The ad was part of £10m campaign which is roughly 30, 60 and 90 seconds on the TV and the adverts will be shown in the cinema. This cost the business a lot of money to promote because they sent so much money on trying to get there advert perfect for the public. This would benefit the business because due to the amount of money which has been spent of the campaign they wouldn’t have to make a new advert for a lot time and they will be able to use the same advertisement until they feel they will have enough money to spend to start up a new advertisement.  Their target market is for people who are over the age of 18; this is because in the UK it is legal for people who are over the age of 18 to buy alcohol from their local supermarket or pub. The type of business which they are in is business to consumer; this is a business to consumer market because the business is making a product to share with the consumers however, they are partnered up with a Rugby team which means they are also a business to business market. The market is relatively stable because they do not make new products; it is the same product which is being promoted with different adverts.

  The objective of promotional mix is to help the meet the business satisfaction, they will have to promote their drink so they can get more sales and by being sponsored by different companies will help them because the companies will also help promote the Guinness business. The branding is not very obvious when you are watching the adverts; this is because the advertisement is based on a story of people with a jazz talent, this has no relation however that’s what makes the advert unique compared to other adverts. Towards the end of the advert you’ll be able to see that the advert is about Guinness. Guinness’ competitors are other beer brands, such as: Stella  Fosters  Beck’s  They are competing with one another because the three brands above are continuously promoting the same product which makes it harder for them to make sales because they are not making any new beers which is a down fall for the business because it would be harder for them to make sales because other brands which have different flavours of the drink will be able to make more sales because they will have people who would like to try out the new products. On the other hand, their promotional campaign is to achieve a long term result; this will benefit them because they will try making the money back which they spent on the advert campaign.  The communicating message to the consumers consists of the senders to be the Guinness Company and the business which is sponsored by them and the receivers being the people who purchase the product. It is hard to tell what feedback which they received from the audience, however, you’ll be able to read peoples feedback on a supermarket website about the product. The only reason why it is hard to find out the feedback because it is an edible product not an actual physical product, so it would be harder for the business to get feedback; moreover, the business will be able to view how much sales they have made each month/year and see if they are doing well or not.

  The message behind the advert was a man who achieved extraordinary things; Hammond discovered his passion for jazz music and this advert has been built up and has many videos which are shown on the website. The media which they have chosen is the TV adverts and social media, this will help them build the brand and get more recognition from the public because this is something people view daily.  AIDA stands for Attention/Attract – Interest – Desire – Action; the attention which should be given should be quick in order to grab people’s attention so they can stop and read what is being said and see if they are interested in the product. Guinness attracts people’s attention through their unique adverts, I believe if they didn’t come up with the idea of making the adverts not having any relation with the drink the attention would be very low because there wouldn’t be any suspense of what the advert could possibly be.

The interest is linked to the people who the drink is targeted too; to make people interested in there advert they will have to make their adverts interesting to help get more people want to sit and watch. The desire of the product is shown through the adverts; I believe that through the adverts show happy Guinness makes the jazz dancers which would want people to purchase the item. Also, Guinness is sponsored through a Rugby team, so when the rugby team has a match Guinness would be the main drink which they promote because they partner shipped with them.

 The action which has been made is in their adverts either online or on the TV, there would be information about the drink, also on the website you are able to view different recipes which you can use Guinness with.  


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