Grand these places. v Moreover, recreation activities such

          Grand Kampar Hotel is a3 star deluxe hotel, located in Taman Bandar Baru, Kampar lies within KintaValley, it has been built with an impressive Spanish architecture.          The hotel is surroundedwith universities; Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tunku Abdul RahmanUniversity College, number of mini stores, supermarkets, offices and a widevariety of restaurants, cafes and bistros are within the walking distance.           Inside the hotel, thereare two different types of restaurants which is Western Restaurant and alsoChinese Restaurant, it is mainly to bring convenience for guests to dine ininside the hotel.

          Moreover, they areproviding different types of rooms; Standard Room, Triple Deluxe, ExecutiveSuite and others. To meet the guests wants, they are also providing amazingfacilities to such as swimming pool, gymnasium, WiFi, ample spaces for car parkand others.  v Grand Kampar Hotel, located at TamanBandar Baru, the heart of Kampar, Perak.

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v The word Kampar was extract from theCantonese word ” Kam Pou” which means “Precious Gold” and also referring to thetown’s previously large tin reserves. v Taman Bandar Baru,Kampar is considered as one of the fastest and rapidly growing township area inKampar. v There are also a number of universities,shops, supermarkets, offices and a wide variety of restaurants, cafes andbistros are within the walking distance. It is bring convenience for guests tohang around all these places.v Moreover, recreation activities such asbird watching, trekking, fishing and caving are also easily reach.            GrandKampar Hotel, established in 2007. Grand Kampar Hotel is having an individualownership business where the concept of property in one’s own person, demonstrated as the virtuousor natural right of a person to have bodily morality and be the exclusivecontroller of one’s own body and life.            Besides that, individual ownermanages the business himself and takes the entire risks and so it being calledone man business.

It is basically a central idea in several politicalphilosophies that emphasize individualism. v  Grand KamparHotel is a luxurious 3 star deluxe hotel, providing 4 star service with a magnificent Spanish design.v  Grand KamparHotel has 155 rooms in five different categories which are Standard Deluxe,Executive Deluxe, Triple Deluxe, Family Suite and Executive Suite. v  All theirrooms are equipped with modern facilities for guests comfortable accommodationin Kampar.  v  We personallythink that it is not really that ideal.v  First of all,their Housekeeping Department’s office is too narrow and small and it is alsoquite untidy.

v  Nextly, theirlaundry is located at outside of the hotel, whereby in a shop.v  Furthermore,the shop does not having any glass door and it is just open like that wherebydust can easily touch the linens.v  Moreover, thestreet cats and dogs could also easily go into the shop freedomly.

 v  Yes, there arefew suggestions.v  First andforemost, they should change the location of their laundry as it is situated atoutside and bring inconvenience for staff to send and pick up the linens.v  In addition,we would also suggest them to cover the front view   of thelaundry.v  Other thanthat, the working hour of staff is not flexible as for night shift, there isonly one room attendant according to the Assistant Housekeeper.   v  First of all,they can allocate a room or space as their laundry at inside of the hotel, itwill be much easier for staff to send and pick upthe linens.v  Furthermore,they can at least install glass doors to prevent the presence of dust as wellas cats and dogs at their shop which is called as laundry.v  Due to safetyconcern, it will be ideal if they have assigned at least 1 or 2 extra staff forthe night shift.

           As a conclusion, Grand Kampar Hotelis luxurious 3 star hotel with an individual owner. They are having manyfacilities and amenities to fulfill all the needs and wants of the guests. Inaddition, they are also having their own laundry which is situated just besideof the hotel for the staff to handle and deal with the linens. Furthermore, thearea of responsibilities for Housekeeping staff are guest rooms and publicarea. Other than that, they are having 155 rooms altogether, each and everyhousekeeping staff requires to clean 17 rooms maximum and 10 rooms minimum withother jobs per day. 



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