Grapes of wrath chapter 30

Chapter 30 In chapter 30 mans unity, hope, survival is tested along with woman’s strength, individuality Vs. Society and the multiplying effects of selfishness. Times are hard and people are challenged by the force of time.

As the Joad family is in California they are hit by a massive rain storm, the storm causes the Joads to lose there car and run for shelter. Not only is there day bad enough but Rose of Sharon loses her baby at birth.The family of the Joads is really tested in there will to survive in this chapter ecause of the massive rain storm that causes the family to lose there car. The rain pours down continuously for several days and causes a flood, the flood then takes the car away with the rushing water and leaves the Joads stranded in there box car looking for higher ground and better shelter.

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Pa begins to believe that building ditch or barrier will help keep the fast rising water away for the box cars.While the others want to leave pa begins to build the ditch at an attempt to persuade people to stay nd help. Pa is shut down on his idea and is forced to move with the others. As the group leaves the camp for high ground the rain pours down on the family.

After walking and running together in the rain for hours the family beings to head up hill to escape the water pooling around them. The family is huddling together in the rain at this point to contain warmth and keep moving. The family spots a barn at the top of the hill and begins to head towards it….



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