“Greed Is Good.” Do You Agree?

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Last updated: April 9, 2019

Greed, in definition, is an excessive desire to possess wealth or goods. Normally, greed is considered a source of evil and sin.

However, some people may think in the other way that greed is a source of incentives that drive people to make progress. In my opinion, greed is not good since an excessive desire can likely lead to a wrong manner of people to pursue their desirability. It is so for not only individuals, but also for the government and even a country. First of all, greed is a source that leads to crime. Normally, greed can explain why there have always been cases of theft.Since some greedy people are always not satisfied with what they have, they are thinking of an easier way to get more wealth, which is theft.

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A research in China has shown that more than 90% of theft cases are due to criminals’ desire of pelf. These people cannot control their own desire of possessing more and more wealth, hence stealing from others, which causes the loss of others and bad social ethos. Another aspect is that greed can cause the corruption of a government. One example is that there is an average of 10 provincial officials under investigation every year in China because of bribery.

Since these officials are bribed, they will work for those people who bribe them, which is normally on the expense of the public right. Therefore, greed brings harm to both individuals and the society Furthermore, greed may also be a factor that compromises a person’s health. A person who is not abstemious of eating and drinking will likely get health problems. According to statistics in 2008, 19. 3% of American youth are obese or overweight, and most of them like eating a lot of unhealthy fast food. People who drink a lot also have a higher chance of getting liver diseases.

A study has shown that more than 60% of the people who drink will get liver diseases, and 20%-30% of them will get hepatocirrhosis. Hence, it is so obvious that greed is bad for one’s health, and people who indulge their greed will eventually harm themselves. On a country perspective, greed may lead to war which may be a tragedy worldwide. Countries which are desired for more land and natural resources, or even the control of the world have a high chance to invade other countries. In World War II, Germany and Japan invaded Europe and Asia-Pacific area.Germany claimed that they would take control of the whole world and Japan aimed to establish the Great East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere.

But in the end, they only brought devastating demolishment to other countries and the world, as well as themselves with around 70 million deaths and up to 100 million wounds. The greed of a few countries led to a big regress of the whole world. Thus, greed can really result in catastrophe to human beings worldwide. However, some people may argue that greed is a great incentive that motivates entrepreneurs and businessman to maximize profit, which will cause economics to develop faster.To this extent, greed is good. Nevertheless, greed of entrepreneurs and businessman has also brought a tremendous financial crisis to the world.

The bankruptcy of the Lehman Brothers was the start of the crisis, and the reason for it, in David Rothschild’s words, was just simply greed. They only focused on how much profit they could make without noticing the underlying problems, and finally led to a global financial crisis. In conclusion, greed is not good as it drives people to immorality, and even causes disaster worldwide. No matter how it motivates one to make progress, once greed overwhelms his ability, he is heading for failure.


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