Green struggles of natives showcasing the brutal

Green Grass, Running Water by Thomas King highlight the readers about racism and objectification handled by female characters in the novel. King shares perspective, in which women are often constrained by the expectations of others. The female characters in Thomas King’s novel, Alberta and Latisha, shed light on the view of native world which confronts white western male-controlled societies. Also, it narrates cultural and gender struggles of natives showcasing the brutal reality of how women are submissive to their husband /or would be husband. He also engages readers to enhance his point of view about how females have strength to fulfill any of their desires by using sarcastic humor. It also illustrates the dominance of white people and Christian culture towards natives by providing female characters with power to be independent from male dominated society and have control over their own life and be free.

King uses sarcastic humor while describing Noah’s character through the non-realist strand of the novel. He focuses on sexist harassment faced by Changing woman when she lands on “canoe full of poop”.  Noah constantly objectified Changing woman’s body to fulfill his desires,”Lemme see your breasts. says Noah. 1 like women with big breasts. I hope God remembered that”(King, 1993, pg.145). King is highlighting the culture of white people, as they reflect of being beautiful only when women have big breast.  Noah declared elimination of Changing women from the Canoe as a penalty if she declined to follow his rules, like not talking to animals. King shows Noah’s character as, one who does not understand in asking permission from anyone, comparing it to how white people came and imposed their rules on natives. Noah only thought about procreation as he chased her around. Also, he imposed many rules and justified his actions as a “right” of being Christian. King here tries to give reference to white men as colonizer, when they first came as settlers. Secondly, King also implies through this quote that gender plays a significant part being a woman and they have to live undermined having minimal respect in the society. They were also denied authority to go against the christian rules. Lastly, changing women starts a fight to get rid of Noah’s rules. “We got to get rid of these rules” (King, 1993, pg. 147). King shows the brutality native woman had to go through, where they were objectified by white men and they were not able to do anything as, white men had their own rules and would not allow anyone to go against them. Being chased for a month by Noah on the beach for her big breast, Changing woman was left back on the island all alone for breaking his rules saying that, “This is a Christian ship… I am a Christian man. This is a Christian journey, and if you can’t follow our Christian rules, then you’re not wanted on the voyage. (King, 1993, pg. 148). Through the Christian ship and Christian man, King compares it with white men being the leader, who dominates the rules and gives themselves the rights to punish for breaking their rules.

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