GUEST 4 plaintiffs brought a teacher to school

Executive director of the native women shelters of Montreal
10 sessions of free health care when in crisis
All treaty is different, most treaties are different and most of them get barely anything
Treaty 6 gets 5$ per year
Indian status prevents them to fight for their rights
Inuit aren’t part of the Status Indian
Metis people have nothing
Quebec has 52 communities of Indians which enclosed 11 nations
Cree are the biggest band
11 nations + 26 000 aboriginals in Montreal
Forced into reserves because cannot find any more food
Indian agents= cop to prevent Indians to leave unless they had a pass
Can’t leave, can’t hunt, can’t go anywhere, they were more or less feeding them
Then took the kids to put into “schools” far away from their family
Put into jail if you didn’t give up your kid Residential school
In a school, 4 plaintiffs brought a teacher to school but by the time of the trial 3 of them had committed suicide because it was so hard to remember
“Apple” red outside white in the inside
Sixty scoope – cultural genocide

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