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Guido’s on the Quay. When I heard my parentssay these four magical words, I used to be completely filled with joy becausethat meant we would dine at my all time favorite restaurant in Miami. Unfortunately,all good things come to an end and with Guido’s retirement it seemed as if therestaurant had closed its doors forever. Now, after years of laying fallow,finally someone felt worthy of following in Guido’s footsteps. From Guido toMonica – at least “on the Quay”remains the same. I have to admit, I wasn’t optimistic from the start, but you shouldn’tjudge a book by its cover, right? Arriving at the Quay, my dinner date and I aregiven a warm and friendly welcome and the staff treats us like we werechildhood friends. The decoration and the breathtaking sunset create apriceless ambiance and although Guido is no longer with us, the spirit, the energyand the memories connected with this place continue to resonate.

Now, there areonly ten romantic dinner date tables since the new smoker occupies a lot spaceon the sunshine state deck (so, if you want to surprise your loved one with aromantic dinner, set up your reservation at least one week in advance!)  The new chef from San Francisco has designedan amazing menu and brings the American classics of burgers, steaks and friesinto a modern, romantic setting. The absolute highlight: We can follow everysingle step the chef is taking in the open kitchen and on the smoker to create myboyfriend’s unimpeachable burger and the steak I’m craving for. But what’s sospecial? How does she take it to another level? The secret is: she lets thepiping hot grill do the work and simply watches the flame creating this unique,smoky flavor of the patty and the crispy bun. However, the finger lickinglooking curly fries would have benefited from a lighter hand on the salt shaker.Finally.

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Here comes the steak, and the smell alone tells more than a hundredwords: it’s brushed with garlic, bathed in butter and oil, and from the perfectcolor I can swear that it’s seared to a heavenly perfection. Pretending to behealthy, I chose a salad to keep company for my juicy, organic steak; but Jesus,I would have never thought that a salad could be so damn delicious and satiable.To conclude, everything makes this restaurant well worth a visit. Frankly,things have changed. But sometimes it’s necessary to accept changes.

And sometimesit’s simply time to make new memories. 



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