Gun bottom of the add contains a statement


            Gun control
laws have been a huge debate in politics. It is an ongoing debate between not
only politicians but average citizens of America. Guns have become a huge issue
in the United States, with shootings controlling 60% of homicides. Numerous
school shootings have happened throughout the years that have led to thousands
of children dead. Compared to other countries, Americas gun laws are much more
lenient and the effect of this has created a high number of families affected
by gun violence either directly or indirectly. With this being said, an organization
called “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America” has been created to push
legislators to reform gun laws. The organization created a ad to resemble a
much more insignificant object being banned in the interest of children’s
safety compared to a gun which has much more significance in terms of children safety
which isn’t banned in America. The ad is to persuade the audience that if a
less significant object compared to a gun is banned for the interest of children’s
safety than shouldn’t guns be banned considering they have a larger affect? The
ad achieves this by the rhetorical situation, appeals

The organization created an ad that has two ordinarily
children at school in the library sitting next to each other,  one of them holding a gun and another holding
the book “Little red riding hood” which has been banned in schools across America.
The top of the ad says “one child is holding something that’s been banned in America
to protect them. Guess which one.” The bottom of the add contains a statement
that says “we keep ‘little red riding hood’ out of schools because of the bottle
of wine in her basket. Why not assault weapons?” Lastly the ad contains the
organization presenting this ad which is “Moms demand action for gun sense in America”.
The effectiveness of this ad has been achieved with the rhetorical situation.  Gun control is relevant to all citizens, whether
they are fighting for it, against it or have no opinion it still has an impact
on all citizens, with this being said the ads audience is relevant to all of
America.  This made the ad much more
effective considering people are more likely to respond if it has relevance in
their lifestyle. The purpose of this ad made it effective as well, the ad was
made to present the idea that America continuously makes laws and rules in the
interest of children’s safety but there is one law that has one of the biggest
impacts on child’s safety which hasn’t been altered for the interest of children
safety. The women’s organization is not pushing for all guns to be banned, but
for there to be more precautions to promote more safety on guns. There is a
distinct difference between banning something and creating more precautions for
something dangerous. If the woman’s organization was focused on primarily banning
guns then less people would support it considering the amount of people that support
guns, but the organization is not doing this they are simply pushing more precautions
on guns which appeals to a larger audience because guns aren’t being banned but
simply creating more safety for all citizens in America. The tone of this ad
showed verbal irony, it expressed contempt in the language when it said “we
keep ‘little red riding hood’ out of schools because of the bottle of wine in
her basket. Why not assault weapons?’ this shows the disregard America has for Guns
which has had a way bigger impact on children than the book ‘little red riding
hood’. Again, 60% of homicides are from guns, a large perfect of that have been
children. As said before, guns have been a huge debate in politics and it has
been a fight for a very long time now Vs. banning a book which isn’t as big of
a politic debate and can be done a lot more easily. With this being said, it
makes the ad much more effective creating more power in people to join and
fight for better gun laws. The rhetorical situation impacted the overall
meaning and effectiveness of this ad.

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The ad resamples the meaning and effectiveness with the
appeals. Pathos is used in this ad to appeal to families of America and ethos
to establish their credibility, however the setting of their ads hinder their
use of logos

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