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Gurpreet Virk Ms. Buehler World History, Period 5 12 January 2018 Russia and Spain during World War I During World War I Russia was involved in numerous battles some prominent ones being the Battle of Tannenberg, Gallipoli Campaign, and Brusilov Offensive.

The Battle of Tannenberg took place on August 23-31, 1914. In the Battle of Tannenberg Russia was advancing to take over East Prussia, at this time Germany had control of that area. It took place in a village near Tannenberg, at this time Russia had to split its army into two because of the Masurian Lakes. Germany was able to defeat Russian forces for this reason and because of the inability for Russia to hide their messages. The Battle of Tannenberg resulted in more than 50,000 Russian soldiers being killed and around 92,000 soldiers captured as prisoners.

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The Gallipoli campaign took place on February-December, 1915 in the Ottoman empire. It was a plan to take control of the sea route from Europe to Russia that had failed on the Allied Powers part. France and Britain had a naval attack on the Dardanelles Straits as well as an land invasion of the Gallipoli Peninsula. Divisions of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps fought off Russia, Britain, and France resulting in them being victorious. The Brusilov Offensive was the most prosperous battles of the Allied Powers.

Verdun, France was under attack by German forces so as a result General Alexei Brusilov led the Southwestern Army in an attack on the north part of the Eastern Front. It ended up being successful capturing much of the enemy’s territory. Towards the end of World War I there was Women’s Battalion in Russia as a way for men to be motivated to carry on their duties. The women units were never able to prove themselves and were never given much attention and as a result had no effect on the war weary soldiers of Russia. Spain during World War I was neutral and was not involved in any battles. The upper classes preferred the Central Powers while Catalan nationalists, Republicans, Socialists, and Liberals favoured the Allied Powers. Catalians would volunteer for the French Army resulting in over 2,000 Spaniards serving.

Spain was a big producer in the Industrial revolution and this resulted in an increase of demand during the war. As a result of this much of south and rural areas of Spain became poor. In the end Spain suffered economically and politically because of the war.


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