Hacking ever, eBay had more than 145,000,000 records

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Last updated: May 16, 2019

Hacking    Contents·     History of hacking·     What is hacking ?·     Who is hacker ?·     Famous hackers in history·     Why do hackers hack ?·     Types of hacking·     What should do after hacked·     How to secure our data ·     Advantages of hacking·     Disadvantages of hacking·     Conclusion·     References   History of hacking•Hacking has been a part of computing for 40 years•The first computer hacker emerged at MIT•Hacking is began in 1960s at MIT ,origin of the term  “hacker”•The truth hacker amongst our societies have thirst for theknowledge•Boredom is never an object of challenge for the hackerBig hackings in history1990: Operation Sundevil starts: The Secret Service, inconjunction with Arizona’s sorted out wrongdoing unit, discloses OperationSundevil, an across the country venture against 42 PCs and seizing 23,000floppy circles. They in the long run seize PC hardware in 14 urban communities,including Tucson, Miami and Los Angeles1995: Kevin Mitnick is captured. One of America’s mostacclaimed programmers Kevin Mitnick is at long last gotten and was condemned tofive years in prison.2015: Catastrophic eBay hack: One of the biggest individualhacks ever, eBay had more than 145,000,000 records stolen from their database.2003: Anonymous is framed. The hacktivist assemble isframedthrough a site.

2015: Catastrophic eBay hack: One of the biggest individualhacks ever, eBay had more than 145,000,000 records stolen from their database.2008:Breakthrough churches Houses of worship were not delivered from hackerattacks. In 2008, an unknown group infiltrated the Churchology Corps andpublished classified videos indicating its involvement in terrorist operationsand attacks. They also published videos relating to recruitment andrecruitment. 2014: SonyPictures Breakthrough Sony Pictures North Korea’s sympathetic”peacekeepers” were on a date in December 2014 with an incident thatrocked the world, breaking through the Sony Pictures Entertainment site becauseof the film, The Interview, which tells the story of two American journalistswho wanted to meet the North Korean leader. After being recruited from the CIAhackers managed to publish classified data about the company’s plans for thefilms to be produced, and four films were leaked, causing the company losses inbillions, and leaked data and addresses of senior employees at the company. 2015: Carbanak-cybergang is a process that took about two years and wasworth a billion dollars. Pirates have penetrated the financial systems ofseveral banks around the world, most of them in Russia, Japan, Switzerland andthe United States.

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Thirty countries and some 100 international banks were hitby the attack, dubbed “Carbanak cybergang,” the name of the programused by the group in February 2015, according to Kaspersky, a companyspecializing in antivirus and computer security the hackers used malicious wordfiles to transplant them into data access and then the process lasted for twoyears until hackers were able to reach their destination through e-mail fraud.  2014: Thebiggest data theft of August 2014 Largest-operation-theft-data Russian hackersknown as Cyber ??Four have hacked over 500 million e-mail accounts, disclosedtheir usernames and passwords the data has been stolen from 420,000 websites,including major corporate websites. Thus, data can be used to communicate withtheir owners and to send viruses through which their computers can be hacked. At the beginning of every April, since 2012, Israel is preparing to facethe attacks of the Anonymous group, which annually infiltrates Israeli andnon-governmental Israeli sites in response to settlement and occupation policylast April, the hackers sent a message to Israelis warning them that theirattacks would be an electronic war against Israel. A young man from the groupsaid in a video: “We will not stand idly by, we will defend humanityagainst Zionist crimes.”The Israeli public security apparatus decided toset up a private electronic room to confront the group. In the latestinfiltration of Israel by Anonymus, hackers succeeded in penetrating theeducation site, disrupting postal services in Israel and penetrating the primeminister’s office Shadow Brokers and $ 580 millionThe latest hacking occurred on August 17, after hackers calling themselves”Shadow Borkers” hacked the US National Security Agency (NSA) andhacked hackers and hackers created by the agency and its four allies, Britain,Canada, Australia and New Zealand the hackers claimed to have acquired whatthey called “cyber weapons” that included US-run programs to sabotageIran’s nuclear program. They offered what they had for sale for $ 580 million.



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