Hailey Kelley 5/16/18 Core:1 Fight the Civil

Hailey Kelley
Fight the Civil War
The American Civil War was fought from April 13, 1861, to May 12, 1865, between the Union and the Confederacy. This was a very bloody war, however, I believe that the Civil War to necessary to bring the United States to where it is today. The Civil War lead to the abolition of slavery, the establishment of the United States, and increased power to Federal Government which killed the issue of states rights.
To begin with, the main reason the Civil War was fought was that of a disagreement about slavery. The North was very industrialized and did not have a need for slaves. The South was very agricultural and earned profit from the crops that were harvested by the slaves. Without slaves there was nobody to work on the plantations to earn money. So ,when laws were passed to try to abolish slavery, the South seceded from the Union. This was a major reason the Civil War was fought. The South wanted to continue to use slaves for agricultural work, while the North wanted to abolish slavery because it was wrong. However, now slavery in the United States is illegal. Although thousands of people lost their lives in order for this to take place, I believe that without the war, slavery would still exist today.
To add on, the Civil War helped to establish and strengthen the United States. It was through the Civil War that brought the United States to where it is today. During the Civil War time period, the United States was the first to realize the rights of inalienable rights and fight for it. Now, all citizens of the United States have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. As a result of this, the United States is currently the most powerful country in the world. Also, during the time period of the Civil War, the North realized that they needed the South for crops to be grown. T

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