Haiti for resources and not only were black

Haiti was originally colonized in 1492 by Spain, when it was discovered by Christopher Columbus.

Haiti was later taken over by France in the seventeenth century. When did they take over?Haiti was taken over by France in 1804. Haiti became one of France’s most important overseas territories. Why did they take over? What did you country have that was worth taking over?France colonized Haiti because of its natural resources.

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Haiti had an abundance of sugar, coffee, cotton, and exotic woods, which benefited the French Government greatly.    How did your parent country take over your country? Provide detailed information?Spanish claimed ownership of the whole island, but they settled mainly in the east. The west was left largely empty, and in the 17th century the French settled there. In 1664 they founded the capital of Haiti, Port-de-Paix. Finally, in 1697, the Spanish and French signed the Treaty of Ryswick which declared France to be given the western third of the island of Hispaniola. They called their colony Saint-Domingue.

In the 18th century, Haiti (Saint-Domingue, became rich. The colony exported sugar, coffee, cotton, indigo and cocoa. However the success of the export depended slavery. Huge numbers of black slaves were brought to work on plantations. By the end of the 18th century there were about 30,000 French people, about 27,000 people of mixed race and nearly half a million black slaves.How was your country treated under its colonial power? Provide real-life examples.

An answer that just states “good” or “bad” will result in 0 points.Haiti was treated bad. We say that Haiti was treated bad because their land was exploited for resources and not only were black slaves brought in but many people were enslaved in order to work on plantations. Independence of Your CountryWhen did your country gain independence?Haiti gained their independence from France on January 1, 1804.Who was involved in the process of independence? (Countries, certain people, groups, etc.)The French Revolution of 1789 inspired Haiti to seek independence from France.How did your country gain independence? Be detailed and explain the steps as to how your country became independent from their colonial power.

In 1791, Haiti gained independence after Toussaint Louveture lead Slaves in Haiti and started to rebel against the French Government for more civil rights. In 1802, after Toussaint established his own government, Napoleon sent in over 20,000 troops to gain back control of Haiti. In the end, most French soldiers were killed by the yellow fever, making the slaves and Toussaint victorious.

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