Having Spark brought a paradigm shift in

Having worked
in Tech industry in US and India for more than a decade, I have seen technology
undergo massive changes. A decade ago if somebody tells you that you can use a device
to order food from your favorite restaurant from anywhere or book a cab, you
will call him insane, but today that’s the new normal. Internet is generating
massive data processing this data has become major bottleneck for traditional
DBMS. Finally, breakthrough big data distributed frameworks like Hadoop
ecosystem, No SQL databases and Apache Spark brought a paradigm shift in the
field of predictive analytics and data science. I believe Big data, Data
analytics and Machine Learning will change the way companies think of data. I
would like to contribute and be part of growth cycle of Big data storage and
data analytics.


In accordance
with my inclination towards computer science, I did Bachelors of Technology in
IT from Kurukshetra University, India in 2004. I studied CMPT 300 – Operating
Systems – 6th Semester,  CMPT 307 – Data
Structures – 3rd Semester and Analysis & Design of Algorithms – 6th
Semester, CMPT 354 – Database Management Systems – 4th Semester.. After
graduation, I worked in different software developer roles at eClerx, iGATE and
developed enterprise applications for Fortune 500 organizations like METLIFE,
Assurant, AllScripts in India and US. My tenure as SE/SSE in various domains enhanced
my technical skills to accelerate in IT industry and take up roles with
increasing ownership.

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In 2013, I
decided to pursue Master’s from State University of New York, Buffalo, US
majoring in MIS. My stay at SUNY was a life changing experience. I met people
from different profiles – law graduates, business analysts, and accountants and
got enlightened about different perspectives and expectations corporates have
from technology. I pursued courses in Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Global
Infrastructure Technology and distributed computing. Projects undertaken in my
Master’s helped me land a tremendous opportunity to work as Data Engineer with
CCS Global Tech, Southern California in June 2014. CCS excels in proving data consulting
services to remarkably broad range of clients. I got deployed at PADI Worldwide, Rancho Santa Margarita, California as a Data Engineer to support existing PADI’s existing database systems
and build infrastructure & solutions to analyze data at distributed scale.  PADI, a scuba diver training organization, has
been around for fifty years and was experiencing a problems with large
datasets. Line of Business applications created Terabytes of structured data in
Oracle, SQL Server, Mainframe systems and PADI diving sensors generated more
unstructured data through log files, XML, JSON.


PADI is geared
towards developing a new online platform MyClub and is interested to explore
this data to provide more personalized experience to its partners and
customers.  At PADI, I work with highly
skilled team members from different backgrounds and technology stacks that helped
me enhance my skill sets in Big Data platforms – MongoDB, HBase, Python, Apache
Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Web Services, MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle.


Working at
PADI, I realized limitations of traditional SQL databases and bottlenecks
involved in scaling data to distributed systems. ETL architecture and legacy BI
systems developed in SQL were crumbling under data volume. As part of Data
Engineering team, I developed data server infrastructure in Amazon Web Services
for data analytics. I migrated 90% of in-house data servers to AWS in EC2
servers, RDS, AWS S3, Redshift; thus cutting down operational licensing costs
of software vendors. I kickstarted building infrastructure for data analytics
and configured core Java API to create multi node Apache Kafka cluster in AWS
for data integration for connecting applications in real time.   I am AWS Certified Solutions Architect –
Associate Certified and look forward to gain more technical certifications in
designing highly scalable and distributed cloud infrastructure.


Today, I look forward
to enroll in full time Master’s course in Big data at Simon Fraser University.
I want to gain in depth knowledge of Data Mining, Machine Learning and
Distributed Big Data Systems. Professional Master’s Big data offers hands-on
learning data algorithms, data analytics and infrastructure to support Big data
systems. It took me two years to shortlist Simon Fraser’s Big Data Masters
because of courses like I do understand Big Data master’s course is highly
competitive to get in being offered. With
the kind of experience I have in the IT industry, Big Data being a highly
intensive course will suit my requirement. I do understand Big Data
master’s course is highly competitive to get in I look forward to get an Admit from Simon Fraser’ Master
course and help me achieve my goals in the world of Big data.

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