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Last updated: May 31, 2019

Having completed my Bachelor’s degree in PetroleumEngineering, I wish to advance further into my line of work. Therefore, I wouldlike to pursue the Master of Applied Science – Oil & Gas Engineering atMemorial University of Newfoundland, Canada.The program provides with a detailed knowledge of thetechnology required and all major engineering related elements associated withthe oil and gas which are crucialfor establishing my career in the Oil and Gas industry. The advanced study indrilling engineering, reservoir engineering and production engineering willhelp me to advance my theoretical and practical knowledge in the respectiveareas and will equip me with the skills to tackle the challenges of thisfast-evolving industry.  By doing this program, I can also learn in detailabout the safer, more efficient andcost-effective ways of extracting resources without harming the nature. As a fast growing industry which is a majorcontributor to economy, so many developed and developing countries,opportunities appear to be very promising in this field. The globalnature of the industry offers significant scope for graduates to have anincredibly varied career spanning international borders in the four main strands of oil and gas facilities:offshore, onshore, sub-sea and pipelines.

After gaining a master’s degree fromMemorial University, I can work under the designations of Drilling Engineer,Production Engineer, Reservoir Engineer, Sales Engineer and so on.I believe that Memorial University of Newfoundland hasthe resources and distinguished faculty that will help me to mould myself andcontribute my skills in energy crisis. Studying in this institution will alsogive me an opportunity to be a part of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.Participating in international conferences held by this society will help me inmeeting new people and enhance my job prospects. The master’s degree providedfrom the university is globally accepted in various companies and corporations.The fact that being a developed country, Canada presents international studentswith an opportunity to explore the boundaries and improve ourselves. Thequality of education is equally good as other western countries.

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