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Health Care Laws
Health Care Laws
Supreme Court Ruling on Premium Subsidies
The supreme court of the United States made a decision on June 25th, 2015 to uphold health insurance subsidies for the American citizens who had purchased their health insurance through the state insurance scheme (Mcway, 2016). This decision meant that all the citizens of America will continue to enjoy government insurance subsidies to enable every citizen acquire health insurance increasing the quality of healthcare services (Mcway, 2016). Health insurance is important in acquiring quality healthcare services. Most private insurance providers also went to court to file a lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act, which requires them to avail their insurance services to all the citizens of America (Mcway, 2016).
This decision will be implemented on all the states of America and would benefit families unable to access and acquire health insurance due to their financial incomes (Mcway, 2016). The government of America has provided an online platform for the purchase of the insurance service. The Affordable Care Act was enacted by President Obama to increase the access and availability of quality healthcare to all American citizens (Mcway, 2016). This subsidy will affect private insurance providers since they will not have an adequate demand for their services. This law is meant to benefit the customers who are the American citizens. The state has availed the subsidies through an exchange program (Mcway, 2016).
Due to the high premiums by the private insurance providers, many consumers would end up dropping out of the insurance scheme due to their inability to afford the premiums (Mcway, 2016). Most of the current consumers to the private insurance providers are the sick consumers with chronic illnesses and the older generations who are at a high-risk of contracting serious illnesses requiring many financial resources. Due to this reason, private insurance providers face many challenges in providing insurance covers to these individuals. The private insurance providers would have to increase their premium, which is not allowed by the law (Mcway, 2016).
A Law Involved With the Premium Insurance Subsidies from a State Level and a Federal Level
The affordable care act is a law in the United States involved with insurance regulation by the federal government and most of the States of America. Texas has implemented the affordable care act in the provision of health insurance to its citizens (Mcway, 2016). The Affordable Care Act also known as Obama care requires that all the citizens of America have insurance coverage and a penalty will be imposed to whoever does not have health insurance (Mcway, 2016). Some of the insurance plans provided by the state of Texas include Medicare and marketplace plans. These efforts are meant to increase the number of healthcare insured citizens who will be able to acquire quality health care positively impacting the efforts of securing improved healthcare in the United States by lowering the costs incurred by low income families in accessing health care services (Mcway, 2016).

Impact the Regulatory Issues and Trends Have On the Health Care Industry
The regulatory issues and trends impact the health care industry negatively due to high number of the resources used in addressing these issues which may be used to implement healthcare policies (Mcway, 2016). Most of the healthcare policies are meant to increase healthcare service delivery and improve the quality of health care services. This is the main goal of the health care industry and through these regulatory issues, the industry is properly managed and controlled which ensures that it is sustainable (Mcway, 2016).
Most of these issues are aimed at improving the quality and not the quantity (Mcway, 2016). The health care industry is a very important sector in any state or country and should be properly monitored to avoid exploitation to the public by the private providers. With these regulatory issues in place, all the citizens of America will be able to acquire healthcare services and the healthcare industry will have conducive and suitable conditions in their provision of their services (Mcway, 2016).

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Mcway, D. (2016). Stanfields introduction to health professions. Jones & Bartlett.

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