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Last updated: May 17, 2019

Health care services in India has been boosted but at the point of medical tourism from last years but it is heart aching that the poor of India are still in worse condition. India has been boosted for the cheap cost and better services to the other countries patients such as Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, UK, etc. but what about the cheap cost of our economic weaker section of society? The author argues that why there are so many cases of death after so much of better services available to all then why economic weaker section is suffering. There are many factors which are affecting the better health services, the idea of privatization has only well for the sake for riches. The government are very ignorant about the services provided by the hospitals to poor.

They are not getting clean water, which causes many health issues, no proper sanitation, and bad service in rural areas. One of the movie called “Manjhi” based on real story of Bihar in which wife of a person was died because not getting treatment on time due to no roads to the hospital and they have to cross the mountains. These are the problems are faced by rural areas and villages but the urban slums too are unable to access the resources.Prime Minister N.K. Modi proposed the idea of “Rurban Mission” to impose the idea of imposing urbanization and development of 300 villages for the development of education, Health care, etc. It is through Rurban Mission that the government wants to ensure that urban level health care facilities reach the nearby villages. The idea of Rurban mission is good but here I want to say that the condition of urban areas is still bad then what we expect to be rural areas? Only launching the programmes will not improve the condition of the poor class but implementing it effectively with the intervention of the state.

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Leaving the health of poor only on the private sector is very lame idea of the government because private sector is mainly keen to earn profit. It is a very crucial sector as the whole idea of human development depends on the education, health etc. which contribute to the overall development of the country. Thus effective clinical care, by a mutually supportive team that generates patient satisfaction and provides maximum possible coverage, is the key to the quality of servicesResearcher has concluded that hence on a positive note, innovative schemes through public-private partnerships are being tried in various parts of the country in promoting health system.

Similarly, the much awaited National Urban Health Mission might offer solutions with regards to urban health but the government is ignorant about poor and underprivileged people. The present system of Health services and its escalating costs is not sustainable due to its inefficiency and a lack of incentives for improving performance. “The health of people is the foundation upon which all their happiness and all their powers as a state depend”– Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister.


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