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Introduction             As laptop use becomes even more common in college classrooms, many people have debated whether it is more beneficial or detrimental to students’ learning. Students can use laptops to take notes and complete class participation activities, but they also have easy access to the Internet, which could hinder their learning. In addition, the use of other […]

Results: in the treatment of patients who had

Results: This study was applied for 6 patients. Their median age was 60 year (range 50-71). They were four males and two females. Their tumor were 3 pancreatic cancer, two ampullary cancer and one had its tumor originates from the duodenum. Five of them had surgical removal of their tumors with the addition of IORT. The sixth patient […]

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Religion: To Believe or Not To Believe? Religion in America has not always been like it is now. It took decades for America to be in the place that it is currently in today as far as religious freedom. Religious freedom was once for certain religious groups and citizens like European Christians but now it is a universal right […]

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Increasing evidence suggests that MCs play a key role in IR injury (7,8, 30) In addition, IR injury is reported to be attenuated in the genetically mast-cell deficient rats(31,32) , although there are some  exceptions (9,10). We observed that rats treated with BMMSCs demonstrated a significant decrease   in flap survival compared to CEE and CEE+BMMSCs groups. At the […]

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 William Shakespeare was a poet that has been acknowledged as one of the greatest play writers and dramatist of all times. He had a gift to transpire heartaches, love, and outrage, throughout all his literary creations. This gift protruded all through his many plays and sonnets that he ended up leaving as a part of his legacy. “Shakespeare […]

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PHYSICAL TRAININGPhysical training by definition is a type of training in which you exercise the physique of your body in order to improve your some of your conditions such as : the stamina, the power, the strength, the coordination…The physique is very important in a football player since there is a lot of contact on football, you have […]

Presently, to drug use, as specialized medical care

Presently, official procedures for how to answer to an expecting mother that may be using drugs, or a baby born with evidence of dependency, vary widely from hospital to hospital. Select members of the staff might choose to call Child Protective Services to detach the baby from its mother, even when the mother is on medication-assisted treatment. Stress […]

Nederland weer naar andere landen, maar vooral

Nederland is een erg grote speler als het gaat om drugs, vooral als je het vergelijkt met de andere landen in Europa. Ook is het een van de belangrijkste overslagpunten binnen de mondiale handel. Nederland is het tussenstation van Europa. Ookal zou je denken dat Nederland heel goed bewaakt wordt als het gaat om drugs, toch komen en […]

“Cancer somatic tissues or inherited from generations

“Cancer as a genetic disease: What is the molecular basis of inherited breast cancer” Cancer is one of the most common and fatal disease worldwide, projected with more than 1.6 million new cases and 600 thousand deaths in the United States in 20171. In females, most prevalent malignancies are breast, lung and colon cancer, respectively. Prostate, lung and […]

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How is it that Cleopatra VII is so well known in the actions that she took to stabilize ling the Ptolemaic empire when it had been given to her in such a crumbling state, but no one knows what her face actually looked like? There are only a few semi reliable sources that depict Cleopatra’s true face. One […]

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