A Half Empty Glass

The outlook of each person is different, and our attitude and solution of the same event are also different. When something bad happens, some tend to see the event as a single event which does not affect their lives. On the other hand, the others feel that an event is just one of string of bad events affecting […]

Religious Truth vs. Scientific Truth

Scientific beliefs have a basis of solid evidence and can been proven using the scientific method and through extensive research. But there is no “scientific method” for proving religious beliefs. That is, there is no way one could know that a particular, or any religion is “true” or “false. ” That therefore, raises a question, “are religious beliefs […]

Disparity and Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System Today

Disparity and Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System Today Kimberly Acreman Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice CJA/423 Brian Bugge January 25, 2010 Today’s criminal justice system encounters several difficult and problematic circumstances. However, the following paper will refer to involvement in disparity and discrimination within court procedures and law enforcement. Each situation discussed will pertain to disparity and […]

Business Communications

Chapter 15 Review Page 530 Business Communications 1. In preparing an oral presentation, you can reduce your fears and lay a foundation for a professional performance by focusing on what fives areas? Preparation, Organization, Audience Rapport, Visual Aids, and Delivery. 2. In the introduction of an oral presentation, how many main points should be developed? There are 3 […]

Passive vs Active Euthanasia

Euthanasia Natural Law Theory states that an action is only considered “right” if it does not intentionally or directly violate any of the four basic intrinsic goods that thirteenth-century philosopher St. Thomas Aquinas described. According to Aquinas, the four basic intrinsic goods are: human life, human procreation, human knowledge and human sociability. So for example, according to natural […]

Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol , tobacco and marijuana are the most frequently used drugs in and on college campuses. 84% of students report they have used drugs in the last year they prevalence of marijuana rose To 24% between 93-99 , 4% use cocaine , and 5% use hallucinogens . The number 1 drug of choice is alcohol college students are […]


Vitiligo is a medical condition that causes the skin to lose color. Some people develop a few spots that may lighten or turn completely white. Others can have widespread loss of skin color. Vitiligo can develop on any part of the body but commonly begins on hands, forearms, feet, or face. There is no way to predict how […]

Code of Conduct Us Military

Conducting yourself under the Code Of Conduct Task: Comply with the requirements of the code of conduct. Conditions: In a classroom setting Standard: Act according to the standards presented in article 1 through article 6 of the code of conduct shown in basic warrior skills 3-21 Risk Assessment: Low Today we will be conducting a class on the […]

Transformed World View

Student Assignments – Week Four Read Curtis, pages 131-155, and give written responses to questions 1 and 6 on page 152. Study Questions for Curtis, Chapter 8, Page 152 1. Consider the farmer in Isa. 28:23-29, whose God-given knowledge of farming techniques comes through general revelation. Have you ever experienced anything similar? Have you ever learned how to […]

How to Write Persuasive Report

How to Write a Persuasive Report A persuasive paper requires a writer to present an issue on which people may disagree and articulate a position aimed at swaying readers to support the writer’s stance. Effective persuasive reports require sound research of the topic, knowledge of arguments for and against the claim, sound reasoning supported by evidence, and clear, […]

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