Alcohol it.The increase of illegal alcohol and the

Alcohol in America, specifically the use of alcohol is an infamous topic because of thepolarity within it. The use of alcohol in America has led to many contradicting opinions that haspressured the United States to act on this dilemma. The 18th Amendment is a hopeful yet riskyoperation which is set to restrict the consumption of alcohol, and with […]

Brain Structure and Function Associated with Refraining from Drugs

A number of factors influence the brain structures and functions associated with the motivation to refrain from using drugs. The dynamics involved include intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, heredity, and environmental forces. In general, internal motivation is considered to be associated with long-term behavior modification, whereas the successful outcome of external motivation can be short lived (Pubs. niaaa. nih, […]

Debate: the Internet Encourages Social Isolation

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, fellow classmates, (time-keeper,) adjudicator and worthy opponents of the opposition. We, the affirmative team, represent the motion that the circumstances in which the modern day Internet has developed is encouraging the withdrawal of individuals from social interaction, through various methods. With the world wide web being ever so convenient in the modern world, […]

Procrastination, Rothblum (Seo). More simply procrastination is the

Procrastination, or academic procrastination more specifically, is defined as “unnecessarily delaying academic activities, that one ultimately intended to complete” by Solomon and Rothblum (Seo). More simply procrastination is the act of putting something off until tomorrow what one intended to do today. Procrastination happens to almost everyone around the world throughout all different kinds of domains. The most […]

Visual Art – Reflection

Modernism is the time period in art that is dated roughly between the 1800’s. This style of art was mainly seen in Europe. Many artist in this movement formed their own ideas and techniques. Doing this made the artists develop new statements how their society should reflect the world. Some artists that have done this are Vincent Van […]

Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse and criminality are invariably associated with each other. Many studies had already attributed a relationship between deviant behaviour and substance abuse. Lucas (n.d.) reported that National Treatment Improvement Evaluation Study (NTIES) revealed in their 12 months before and 12 months after entering rehabilitation samples that there was a decline in some drug-related criminal activities among the […]

Yusef Komunyakaa and the Art of B-Ball

Yusef’s Komunyakaa poem Slam Dunk and Hook describes the brilliance of being young, playing ball, and the images of life that are associated with this paradigm (the paradigm of being young and playful).   Komunyakaa describes how the boys on the court epitomize life with playing ball and all of their important moments, their growth, and their ‘life […]

The Problem with Hemp

Despite of being described as the so-called “natural drug (Collman 54),” marijuana’s (healing) effects continue to raise questions and controversies regarding the legality of its use. The issues surrounding marijuana use offers a double-edged sword that constantly baffles both its supporters and its detractors. If such plant is proven to generate therapeutic benefits and advantages, then its prohibition […]

Synthesis of Formaldehyde

It is a chemical which is colorless and has a very strong smell. It is commonly found in products such as chemicals, glues, press fabrics and plywood. But what actually is formaldehyde? Read on.. . When you burn methane, formaldehyde is produced as an intermediate product of combustion. The formaldehyde is chemically known as methanal and it formula […]


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