Introduction half of the sessions. The students’ internet

Introduction             As laptop use becomes even more common in college classrooms, many people have debated whether it is more beneficial or detrimental to students’ learning. Students can use laptops to take notes and complete class participation activities, but they also have easy access to the Internet, which could hinder their learning. In addition, the use of other […]

Presently, to drug use, as specialized medical care

Presently, official procedures for how to answer to an expecting mother that may be using drugs, or a baby born with evidence of dependency, vary widely from hospital to hospital. Select members of the staff might choose to call Child Protective Services to detach the baby from its mother, even when the mother is on medication-assisted treatment. Stress […]

Elijah hunter who can lie still for hours,

Elijah Weesageechak, also known as whiskeyjack was one of the snipers who fought alongside Xavier who were best friends through the novel, Elijah was affected the most out of three characters as he grew a addiction to killing innocents and using drugs due to the war, his identity changed dramatically from the beginning to the end. Elijah would […]

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                In the criminal justice system, police are responsible for responding to calls for service, patrolling a designated areas, enforcing traffic laws, protecting people and property, making arrests, investigating cases and at times testifying in court. According to Lamin and Teboh, “Police roles transcend all of these, therefore, the police “must understand […]

Assignment as a dilemma because of its effects

Assignment # 2 (Definition) What is an addiction to video games? Well, its defined as when a person is unintentionally motivated to do a certain thing, which in this case is playing video games. Video gaming addiction nowadays recognized as a dilemma because of its effects on the most teenagers lives as well as the adults. It causes […]

What is Love? Love is the most powerful

What is Love? Love is the most powerful emotion a human being can experience. The funny thing is, that nobody knows how to love is and nobody knows how to love either. No matter how much we may want to, we cannot command, demand, or take away love. Any more than we can command a dog to sit, […]


NAME: STEPHEN GACHERU ADM NUMBER: BOBIT/NKR/1231/16 UNIT: ACADEMIC WRITING UNIT CODE: UCC 101 EFFECTS OF GAMBLING AMONG YOUTH IN KENYA TODAY Introduction Today, there are so many addictions that youth can get involved in. Alcohol and drugs may be the most well known addiction, but many people would not expect that gambling would be a growing addiction. Actually, […]

Undoubtedly, People will spend more time on

Undoubtedly, the biggest problem associated with social media is the lack of communication. When you possess an account in social networking site, you can communicate with your friends and relatives with the help of instant messaging. However, these electronic methods cannot substitute the ‘old-fashioned’ live communication. You will not demonstrate your emotions and body language with the help […]

Introduction a few of the tons of

Introduction Adolescents spend their time hanging around the web with the networking sites. Every day, more and more people are getting attached to Social Networking sites as it is now moving in as one of the primary means of communication of people. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and MySpace were only a few of the tons of sites out there […]


FACULTY OF LABUAN INTERNATIONAL FINANCE RESEARCH METHODOLOGY (GT20303) SEMESTER II, SESSION 2017/2018 Title of Paper: INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT Student’s Name: MOHD FAIZ BIN SARAWALIH BG16160666 (HE21) Date of Submission: 23 MARCH 2018 THE IMPACT OF PURCHASING IN ONLINE GAMING AMONG TEENAGERS 1. Background of the Study The aim to this research was to examine the impact of purchasing in […]

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