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 William Shakespeare was a poet that has been acknowledged as one of the greatest play writers and dramatist of all times. He had a gift to transpire heartaches, love, and outrage, throughout all his literary creations. This gift protruded all through his many plays and sonnets that he ended up leaving as a part of his legacy. “Shakespeare […]

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Many of us probably have formed such unrealistic expectations that people in developed countries are always in busy time but somehow carefree, and life there is wonderful. However, the poor still exist and class mobility is nearly stagnant there. In return, people in those countries still that the Chinese society stay in the farming era to a great […]

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CSE330 Operating Systems Summer 2018: Test 2 (30 mins) Answer all questions. Be brief and to the point. Neatness counts. Open book open notes 1. (10 points) a) P1 arrived at 0 and need 10 units burst time, P2 is arrived at 1 and need 8 units of burst time, process P3 is arrived at 2 and need […]

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·         includes a header that describes the PDU type and length, the LSP ID and a sequence number, and a remaining lifetime timer. It also includes the TLV which contains links to neighbor routers, including the metrics on those interfaces. The sequence number is used to ensure that receiving routers do not use outdated LSPs to calculate best […]

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Processes in a system cycle between two states: a CPU(Central Processing Unit) burst, in which calculations are carried out, and anI/O (input/output) burst, in which data is either sent to or received by the system.The Central Processing Unit (CPU) attempts to maximise the efficiency and ‘fairness’of a CPU, by allowing a process to utilise the CPU, whilst another […]

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Risk FactorsStatistics argue that up to 80% of cases of loss of sexual potency in the second half of the life of men are due to organic factors. The most common of these is a violation of the blood supply to the penis due to vascular processes.   Significantly slow down the blood flow diseases and factors such […]

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As cellular power centers, the main function of mitochondria is to produce ATP via the process of oxidative phosphorylation, which is carried out by the four respiratory chain complexes and ATP synthase located in the inner mitochondrial membrane (IMM). Other biochemical functions of mitochondria include the regulation of metabolic (both catabolic and anabolic), signaling pathways and apoptosis (Nunnari […]

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A large number of approaches for gender classification use Suport Vector Machine. In 24 ahigh accuracy gender classification approach using SVM on low resolution thumbnail imageswas reported. Lian and Lu in 25 presented multi-view gender classification by trainingSVM on histograms of Local Binary Patterns given head pose as global descriptor. Lesscomputationally expensive method was presented in 26, where […]

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1.1 BACKGROUND OF RESEARCHPiper L. genus plants from Piperaceae family are well studied andeconomically important for human health. There are 1200 species of Piperdistributed in the pantropical and Neotropical region in the world with morethan 400 species have been recorded in Malaysia region alone (Rahman et al.,2016). Piper sarmentosum and Piper nigrum are the plants which playan important […]

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The Impact of Faith Beliefs on Perceptions of End-of-Life Care and Decision Making among African American Church Members Nyasha Eshelo Sociology of Aging; SOC 1167 Lethbridge College August 3, 2016 Abstract The article entitled The Impact of Faith Beliefs on Perceptions of End-of-Life Care and Decision Care among African Americans churches studied the insufficient use of palliative care […]


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