Results: in the treatment of patients who had

Results: This study was applied for 6 patients. Their median age was 60 year (range 50-71). They were four males and two females. Their tumor were 3 pancreatic cancer, two ampullary cancer and one had its tumor originates from the duodenum. Five of them had surgical removal of their tumors with the addition of IORT. The sixth patient […]

Increasing et al evaluated the role of

Increasing evidence suggests that MCs play a key role in IR injury (7,8, 30) In addition, IR injury is reported to be attenuated in the genetically mast-cell deficient rats(31,32) , although there are some  exceptions (9,10). We observed that rats treated with BMMSCs demonstrated a significant decrease   in flap survival compared to CEE and CEE+BMMSCs groups. At the […]

“Cancer somatic tissues or inherited from generations

“Cancer as a genetic disease: What is the molecular basis of inherited breast cancer” Cancer is one of the most common and fatal disease worldwide, projected with more than 1.6 million new cases and 600 thousand deaths in the United States in 20171. In females, most prevalent malignancies are breast, lung and colon cancer, respectively. Prostate, lung and […]

How started in 305 BC when Alexander

How is it that Cleopatra VII is so well known in the actions that she took to stabilize ling the Ptolemaic empire when it had been given to her in such a crumbling state, but no one knows what her face actually looked like? There are only a few semi reliable sources that depict Cleopatra’s true face. One […]

Alzheimer’s Alzheimer’s the cerebral cortex is damaged and

Alzheimer’s disease effects the brain Approximately 55,000 people in Ireland are affected by Alzheimer’s, a figure which is growing every day. Because this disease is so prominent in our society it is important for us, as chemists, to not only be aware of the facts and statistics, but also what chemical reaction and imbalances make this disease as […]

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dgar Allan Poe is credited as the author of the American horror story and is known for his vivid word images that portrayed unique characters.  His characters dealt with deep emotions that many times affected their human psyche. His use of the English language remains thought provoking many years after his death.  The heartache of losing his mother […]

Introduction to the actin cytoskeleton, assemble signaling complexes

Introduction The principle function of blood vessels is to transport blood throughout the body, delivering oxygen and nutrients to tissues and removing waste products such as carbon dioxide. This is fundamentally a mechanical process, and thus mechanotransduction plays an important role in regulating vascular biology. Mechanotransduction is defined as the conversion of mechanical stimuli into biochemically detectable information. […]

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With this busy lifestyle, people can monitor their health using a wearable technology and thus can improve the quality of life. We intend to develop a smart phone app which will help people to monitor their day to day activities related to health and diet plans using their phones and wearable sensors. The monitoring will involve physiological signals […]

A substance can be viewed as a

A substance can be viewed as a peril if by righteousness of its inborn properties it can make damage or risk people, property, or the earth. Some destructive chemicals happen normally in certain land developments, for example, radon gas or arsenic. Different chemicals incorporate items with business utilizes, for example, rural and modern chemicals, and additionally items produced for […]

Awareness Saveetha University,ChennaiA.Jothi PriyaAssistant professor Department of

Awareness about Necrotizing Fasciitis among Student Population Type of manuscript:Original ResearchRunning Title:Awareness about Necrotizing Fasciitis P.Keshaav KrishnaaUndergraduate Student Saveetha Dental College, Saveetha University,ChennaiA.Jothi PriyaAssistant professor Department of PhysiologySaveetha Dental College, Saveetha University, ChennaiCorresponding Author:A.Jothi PriyaSenior LecturerDepartment of Physiology Saveetha Dental College, Saveetha University,ChennaiEmail: [email protected] number:8939360922Word Count:1828Abstract:Aim: To assess the knowledge about Necrotising Fasciitis among the South Indian population.Materials and Methods:The survey was conducted […]

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