A Half Empty Glass

The outlook of each person is different, and our attitude and solution of the same event are also different. When something bad happens, some tend to see the event as a single event which does not affect their lives. On the other hand, the others feel that an event is just one of string of bad events affecting […]

Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (Cml)

The type of cancer I chose to write about is Chronic Myelogeous Leukemia. This type of cancer is very common in the United States. The cause of this cancer is avoidable and is not contagious. There are certain symptoms that won’t be detected at the time of diagnosis. Signs and symptoms have a tendency to develop little by […]

Character Analysis "Mask of the Red Death"

Character Analysis of “Mask of the Red Death” I chose to analyze two of the characters within “The Masque of the Red Death”, Prince Prospero, and The masked intruder at the end portrayed as death. The name that Edgar Allen Poe has given the main character entices a reader to speculate. I decided it was necessary to read […]

Pre-eclampsia Management of hypertension in pregnancy raises a

Pre-eclampsia ispart of a range of conditions known as the hypertensive disorders of pregnancythat is characterised by the new onset new onset of raised blood pressure and proteinuriaafter 20 weeks of gestation.4 Signs and symptoms of pre-eclampsiainclude the following2:  ·        Headaches·        Tinnitus·        Visualdisorders·        Brisktendon reflexes·        Uterinecontraction·        Dyspnoea·        Vaginalbleeding·        Oedema·        Proteinuria In the abovecase, the patient demonstrated the key symptoms of pre-eclampsia like hypertension,proteinuria, oedema, and increased reflexes. Managementof hypertension […]

Medical Apartheid

In the book, Medical Apartheid, Harriet A. Washington touches on some major soft points, that really made me think and I believe that if many other people read this they would be surprised as well, because when she goes into detail about the cruel treating of African Americans in the past, it is just shocking to find out […]

Pollution pollutants have been measured over the past

Pollution has and is still a major problem in the world. There are different types of pollutions, water and air pollution being the most discussed about. The United Sates and Kenya are affected by pollution for example New York and Nairobi cities, where there is a lot of traffic, noise form vehicles emission from vehicles, sewage overflows, plastic […]

In Potential Rhizobacteria Different isolates of the rhizobacteria

In a separate platedmedium, Xoo suspensions (approx. 106cfu/mL) were seeded uniformly using pour plate method. Five equidistantwells were made in the previously plated medium seeded with Xoo by using asterilized cork borer and using a sterile syringe of a 0.1 mL of rhizobacteria(108cfu/mL) was placed onthe wells. The assayed plates were incubated for 24 to 48 hours and […]

Hepatitis getting hepatitis C: Ø Try not to

HepatitisCThisis an irresistible viral sickness. Basically, this viral disease influences theliver, and it is mostly through intravenous medication utilize that blood toblood contact happens, prompting the spread of HCV. This infection is generallyasymptomatic, yet tenacious defilement can continue on to harming of the liver,and inevitably this comes full circle to liver cirrhosis. Clearly, thecondition may keep going for […]

BackgroundThe therapeutic agents that function to improve the

BackgroundThe Wnt signaling pathway is a prehistoric biological feature that has been conserved throughout evolution. It is known to play a crucial role in the embryonic development of all kinds of animal species; particularly in the regeneration of tissues in adult of these organisms amongst other many processes. It has also been recorded that mutations and/or deregulated expression […]

The of speech. Reed McConnell, an author for

The First Amendment. One of our most basic rights as citizens of the United States of America granted to us from the Bill of Rights. It protects our right to practice our own religion, our right to assemble, but most importantly, our right to freedom of speech. However, because the First Amendment allows all speech, hate speech has […]

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