Assignment the examples of germline mutation. Question no2:

 AssignmentNo 2Bio301MC170404186Questionno 1: Differentiate between somatic and germline mutation? Give at least twoexamples of each?Answer:                      Somatic mutation                    Germ line mutation 1.      The mutations which take place in the somatic cells are called the somatic mutations. The mutations which take place in the cells that produce gametes are called germline mutations. 2.      These mutations cannot pass from […]

World a common risk factor known to increase

World Kidney Day is a worldwide campaign which helpsto increase attention for risk factors, preventive measures and how to reduce the occurrence of the diseaseand the symptoms. Kidney disease& obesityObesity is an excessive fat accumulation that has anadverse effect on health. In 2014, globally over 600 million adults were obese.Obesity is a common risk factor known to increasekidney disease […]


Data scattering is fundamental for the every day operations of mankind. The media has been utilized, over the previous years, to pass on data to the overall population, and additionally to teach general society about formative issues. It has, be that as it may, an extraordinary impact on how individuals think, and in addition on how social standards […]

Introduction the time of hospital admission had an

Introduction after translation Coronary heartdisease (CHD) alone caused ?1 of every 6 deaths in the United States in 2009.Each year, it is estimated that ?635,000 Americans have a new coronary attack(defined as first hospital myocardial infarction (MI) hospitalization or deathby disease coronary) and ?280000 have a recurrent attack. It is estimated that150,000 additional silent myocardial infarctions occur each year. […]

1. often initiated by transient conformational changes of

1. IntroductionProper brain development is essential as it allows for the organism to perform higher brain functions. The differentiation of neural stem cells (NCS) to CNS cells are essential for the development of the brain, altering cellular properties is the function of increased protein synthesis, the quality control of newly synthesized proteins is important to ensure the brain […]


Point: Determining Diagnosis Code Categories • Resource: pp. 130–135 of Medical Insurance • Write a response in which you determine a diagnosis code category for the following case studies, and explain the rationale for your selections: o A 68-year-old male presents to the office complaining of pronounced weakness on the right side of his body and slurred speech […]

Awareness of Physiology Saveetha Dental College, Saveetha University,ChennaiEmail:

Awareness about Necrotizing Fasciitis among Student Population Type of manuscript:Original ResearchRunning Title:Awareness about Necrotizing Fasciitis P.Keshaav KrishnaaUndergraduate Student Saveetha Dental College, Saveetha University,ChennaiA.Jothi PriyaSenior Lecturer  Department of PhysiologySaveetha Dental College, Saveetha University, ChennaiCorresponding Author:A.Jothi PriyaSenior LecturerDepartment of Physiology Saveetha Dental College, Saveetha University,ChennaiEmail: a. [email protected] number:8939360922Introduction:Necrotizing fasciitis is any necrotizing soft tissue infection spreading along fascial planes with or without overlying cellulitis.1 […]

This this evaluation will be looking into research

This essaywill evaluate the role of neural structures in subserving emotion. Theneural structures are part of the nervous system in the human brain. Thestructure that will be the main focus of this evaluation will be the amygdala.Part of the limbic system, the amygdala is almond-shaped and located within thetemporal lobes of the brain (Amuntset al., 2005). The amygdala […]

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It is illegal for athletes to take steroids or any other type of drugs, so they are relying on blood doping. Right before an event, an athlete will blood dope. By doing that they take a substance to enhance the red blood blood cell count. As the erythrocytes go up the oxygen is easily transported to the muscle […]

Malakoplakia remnants of phagosomes mineralised by calcium and

Malakoplakia is a rare granulomatous disorder, mostlyinvolving urinary tract. Few cases are reported about malakoplakia in gallbladder.It morphologically mimics other lesions like xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis aswell as malignancy 1. We report a case of gall bladder wallthickness, clinically suspected to be carcinoma and then revealed as malakoplakia. We will discuss the condition in the context of other causes of gall […]


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