Consider the Black Death

What were its causes and why did it spread so quickly throughout Western Europe? Where was it most virulent? What were the results of the Black Death and how important do you think disease is in changing the course of history?Black Death refers to a bubonic and pneumonic plague believed to have come from rats and which spread […]

Biosynthesis of Purine Nucleotides

Metabolic Disorders in Purine Biosynthesis Gout * Caused by various genetic defect in PRPP synthase * elevated Vmax, increased affinity for ribose 5-phosphate, or resistance to feedback inhibition—results in overproduction and overexcretion of purine catabolites. * When serum urate levels exceed the solubility limit, sodium urate crystalizes in soft tissues and joints and causes an inflammatory reaction, gouty […]

Report: the Effect of Daily Treatment with Uv Light of Turf Grass Greens Infected by Sclerotinioria Homoeocarpa and Microdochium Nivale

The effect of daily treatment with UV light of turf grass greens infected by Sclerotinioria homoeocarpa and Microdochium nivale. Introduction In the Netherlands, golf is increasing in popularity and the present golf courses are occupying 7300 hectares in total (Zibb: Portal voor ondernemers. Tips, tools en het laatste nieuws). Turf grasses are plants that are made very susceptible […]

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