Disparity and Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System Today

Disparity and Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System Today Kimberly Acreman Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice CJA/423 Brian Bugge January 25, 2010 Today’s criminal justice system encounters several difficult and problematic circumstances. However, the following paper will refer to involvement in disparity and discrimination within court procedures and law enforcement. Each situation discussed will pertain to disparity and […]

Passive vs Active Euthanasia

Euthanasia Natural Law Theory states that an action is only considered “right” if it does not intentionally or directly violate any of the four basic intrinsic goods that thirteenth-century philosopher St. Thomas Aquinas described. According to Aquinas, the four basic intrinsic goods are: human life, human procreation, human knowledge and human sociability. So for example, according to natural […]

Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol , tobacco and marijuana are the most frequently used drugs in and on college campuses. 84% of students report they have used drugs in the last year they prevalence of marijuana rose To 24% between 93-99 , 4% use cocaine , and 5% use hallucinogens . The number 1 drug of choice is alcohol college students are […]

How to Write Persuasive Report

How to Write a Persuasive Report A persuasive paper requires a writer to present an issue on which people may disagree and articulate a position aimed at swaying readers to support the writer’s stance. Effective persuasive reports require sound research of the topic, knowledge of arguments for and against the claim, sound reasoning supported by evidence, and clear, […]

The Steroid Effect in Professional Baseball

Jon-Truman James Professor Julia Reineman English 1001 19 November 2010 The Steroid Effect in Professional Baseball In past twenty years, steroids have become a huge problem in major league baseball. Many players were using them because they assumed there was no chance in being caught. In the last five years the league has decided to crack down on […]


Sociology Reflective Essay I went to Khan el-Khalili on a Friday afternoon and it was about 40 degrees. My plan was to observe the different reactions between the people in the Egyptian souk and the people around the goldsmith’s shops and Naguib Mahfouz coffee shop, to my norm breaking outfit. I planned to stay an hour in each […]

Investigative Task Force

The investigative task force is two or more law enforcement agencies that become formally joined in order to address and combat certain crimes. Some task forces may concentrate mainly on street gangs and drugs as to another task force may focus on vehicle and home burglaries. If there is a city that has a growing murder rate, then […]

In prison is not a criminal, that all

In Ava DuVernay’s documentary “13th”, it shows how white people found a loophole around the 13th amendment.This documentary proves that African American people are targeted in a systematic racial system which leads to mass incarceration and mass incarceration is just an extension of slavery. The 13th amendment states ,  “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment […]

The route (Bouwstra and Ponec 2006, Johnson et

The nanodrugs transdermal delivery is affected by its size and shape which further decide physical steadinessand their cellular uptake (Escobar Chavez et al 2012). Nanoformulations can bedelivered concurrently using different means/routes owing to their particlesize and physicochemical properties (Borali 2010). Skin anatomical featuresonly allows free distribution of particles 3-10 µm for transfollicular route. Particles of smaller sizeare preferred […]

No Church in the Wild Analysis

Ryan Jones Professor Brian Burkhart College Composition I 13 November 2012 “No Church in the Wild”: From a Theologic Standpoint With the release of their newest CD, Watch the Throne, many of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s most exclusive tracks have come under scrutiny. One particular song containing debatable yet obvious theological symbolism is “No Church in the Wild. […]

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