Nederland weer naar andere landen, maar vooral

Nederland is een erg grote speler als het gaat om drugs, vooral als je het vergelijkt met de andere landen in Europa. Ook is het een van de belangrijkste overslagpunten binnen de mondiale handel. Nederland is het tussenstation van Europa. Ookal zou je denken dat Nederland heel goed bewaakt wordt als het gaat om drugs, toch komen en […]

By surge in private, for-profit prisons. The war

By Abigail Levandoski The concept of private ownership of prisons goes back to the 1800s. In 1852, San Quentin became the first privately owned, for-profit prison in the United States. For a long time, however, private prison facilities remained an unpopular industry. Around the 1980s when the “war on drugs” began, we saw an increase in incarceration rates […]

• Gime erg populair onder de Ndederlanders.

•             Ares •             Broederliefde •             Ronnie Flex   Afgelijde Stijlen van Nederhop.   Nederhop is nu al een tijdje geleden ontstaan, en is door de jaren heen veel verandert. Het gebruik van de Nederlandse taal wordt nu meer gebruikt als vroeger en er zijn veel verschilende artiesten. Ook zijn er tegenwoordig Afgeleide stijlen van Nederhop ontstaan. Artiesten hebben […]

The rivals represented the ‘end of history’,

The triumph of democracy over its ideological rivals represented the ‘end of history’, Francis Fukuyama (1992) once stated. Waves of democratization occurred from Western Europe to the continents of Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Philippines’ transition to democracy preceded that of the emergence of new democracies in Europe. The country is the first state in the Southeast Asia […]

What all patients respond the same way.

What is cancer? Cancer is a word given to a group of diseases involved in abnormal cellular growth, which can potentially spread and affect other tissues. This happens when an organ or tissue becomes damaged in a way that causes it to break free and the cells divide continuously without receiving appropriate signals telling them when to start […]

2.2: During chronic infection, the number of CD4+

2.2: Literature Review 2.2.1 HIV Infection and Transmission The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is an enveloped retrovirus that belongs to the genus of lentiviridae. It’s further broken down in two classes; HIV-1, most common globally, and HIV-2, a less pathogenic variant concentrated in West Africa. HIV-1 has been divided into four distinct genetic groups: M, N, O and […]

Oleic the binder for composites and anticorrosion paint.

Oleic acid (OA, cis-9 C18:1) is a monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA) and an abundant in most of the fatty acids by (48%) or in olive oil by (70%-80%). It can be extracted from peanut and its products. Researches indicate that the MUFA-rich diet has protective effects on cardiovascular risk and diabetes 18, 19. Alkyd resins are highly branched […]

“How contractors and family members treat each other

“How can you use bystander intervention to battle Sexual Assault/Harassment in 10TH Mountain Division.” By: SPC Wilfred Velasco (RN 77) Table of content I. INTRODUCTION A. What is Sexual Harassment? B. What is Sexual Assault? II. Sexual Assault reporting options. A. Why sexual assault occurs? B. Restricted reporting. C. Unrestricted reporting. D. How can bystander intervention reduce the […]

Role prevention of diseases, treatment, as well as

Role of Politics in Public Health Name Institution Instructor Course Date Role of Politics in Public Health Yes, I agree with Pisani’s message about the role of politics in public health as indicated in the inconsistencies in the political systems, which have led to an ineffective use of financial resources in addressing the spread of HIV (Roy, 2017). […]

Schedule the science facts that were being

Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act is legislation essential to keep drugs with high abuse potential and no medical benefit out of the hands of common people.  I believe that its purpose is to serve as It serves as a guard and therefore is essential.  However, in 1972 marijuana was placed in the Schedule 1 category the […]

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