Jalen had an Rf of .97 which was

Jalen Volz Jan 28, 2018 CHEM 243A –Section 7 Hannah Goodman TLC Analysis of Analgesic drugs In the experiment we were given one Tylenol, an aspirin and a Motrin pill. To find out what each drug contains, we found out the Rf values of the pills, and then compared those to the Rf values of the known drugs (Acetaminophen, Acetylsalicylic Acid, Caffeine and Ibuprofen). For the Tylenol pill, the Rf value was around .68. This matched most […]

Drug for drug production and trafficking. Countries such

Drugcartels which are criminal organizations that supply drug traffickingoperations are many in South America. Latin Americas geographic zone is key fordrug production and trafficking. Countries such as Colombia, Bolivia and Peruare the world’s main cocaine producers. Cartels such as the Santa Cruz cartelin Bolivia have been extremely involved in the cocaine production that madeBolivia one of the main […]

Controlled the drug at specific time as per

Controlled drug delivery systems that are consideredto deliver drugs at predetermined rates for predefined periods of time, havebeen used to control the limitations of conventional drug formulations. In somecases drug has to be delivered in response to pH in the body, in fact it wouldbe advantageous if the drug could be administered in a manner that preciselymatches the […]

Quantum Entanglement Theory

Rev. Richard Ramsey Advanced Theoretical Physics 301 November 26, 2010 1. Introduction Quantum entanglement is ubiquitous, appears everywhere in the microscopic world (See, e. g. , Durt, 2004; Brooks, 2005) and under some circumstances manifests itself Macroscopically (Arnesen, et al, 2001; Ghost et al, 2003 & Julsgaard et al, 2001). Indeed, it Is currently the most intensely studied […]

What is a societal problem you believe needs to be addressed Explain why and how.

Although there are numerous societal problems that needs immediate attention but one problem which I feel needs most of the attention is society morality conflict. I would further elaborate my statement by saying that the people living in the society have become immoral and they indulge themselves in those kinds of acts that are not only immoral but […]

Scrapbook Assignment

This assignment presents an ethical scrapbook entailing four categories of ethical situations in which each team member expresses their [Check pronoun agreement–if “their” refers to “member” (or a singular subject), it should be singular, too (his or her)] individual opinion. It takes a close look at real-life cases of good Samaritans, acts of vigilantism, acts of civil disobedience, […]

Why Athletes are Role Models

A role model is a person who is admired and emulated by many. The term role model was for the first time used by Robert Merton after he noted that people compared themselves with others. In sports, those athletes who perform to the expectations of the fans are taken as role models and are emulated by their fans. […]

To Kill a Mockingbird: Multicultural Literature Comprehension

To Kill A Mockingbird is a novel filled with themes relating to race, class, and gender.   It is interesting, also, that this book highlights the racism rampant in the deep south in America in the early 20th century and displays a culture that is so different from stories of life in the north.  This book almost makes […]

Smoking at a young age

In the latest health survey, smoking kills people more than alcohol, AIDS, cocaine, homicide, suicide, motor vehicle crashes and fires combined. However, in our society and the world over, smoking is widely accepted and even looked at as something that everyone goes through as part of normal development. There is nothing normal about smoking, nicotine which is the […]

Youth female violence

A look at the existing statistics indicates that youth violence has been on the rise and the youth are increasing engaging in crime. The most affected are the low income neighborhoods and immense studies have focused on this phenomenon. The recent years have witnessed the United States and indeed a number of Western Europe countries being gripped by […]


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