Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (Cml)

The type of cancer I chose to write about is Chronic Myelogeous Leukemia. This type of cancer is very common in the United States. The cause of this cancer is avoidable and is not contagious. There are certain symptoms that won’t be detected at the time of diagnosis. Signs and symptoms have a tendency to develop little by […]

What Personality Disorder Does Hannibal Lecter Have?

The movie that I decided to choose was The Silence of the Lambs. I have seen this movie quite a few times, and I still love it every time that I see it. Serial killers have always peaked my interest. The movie has three main characters in it: Hannibal Lector, Clarise Starling, and “Buffalo Bob. ” Clarisse goes […]

Character Analysis "Mask of the Red Death"

Character Analysis of “Mask of the Red Death” I chose to analyze two of the characters within “The Masque of the Red Death”, Prince Prospero, and The masked intruder at the end portrayed as death. The name that Edgar Allen Poe has given the main character entices a reader to speculate. I decided it was necessary to read […]

Iron Cage

In chapter one of The Iron Cage, Rashid Khalidi sets the stage for the premise of his book, by examining the conflicting evidence of the Palestinians’ plight. In order to do so, the narrative begins in 1948, following the eviction of more than half of the Arab Palestinian population as a result of the Arab – Israel conflict […]

Personal Development Plan

The purpose of this report is to reflect upon and evaluate my experiences, working as a team member at the UHI residential weekend in Inverness and then as a Virtual Team member back in my home College. The group was comprised of seven individuals from diverse workplace backgrounds, from which stemmed positive and negative outcomes for the team. […]

Pre-eclampsia Management of hypertension in pregnancy raises a

Pre-eclampsia ispart of a range of conditions known as the hypertensive disorders of pregnancythat is characterised by the new onset new onset of raised blood pressure and proteinuriaafter 20 weeks of gestation.4 Signs and symptoms of pre-eclampsiainclude the following2:  ·        Headaches·        Tinnitus·        Visualdisorders·        Brisktendon reflexes·        Uterinecontraction·        Dyspnoea·        Vaginalbleeding·        Oedema·        Proteinuria In the abovecase, the patient demonstrated the key symptoms of pre-eclampsia like hypertension,proteinuria, oedema, and increased reflexes. Managementof hypertension […]

Medical Apartheid

In the book, Medical Apartheid, Harriet A. Washington touches on some major soft points, that really made me think and I believe that if many other people read this they would be surprised as well, because when she goes into detail about the cruel treating of African Americans in the past, it is just shocking to find out […]

The Steroid Effect in Professional Baseball

Jon-Truman James Professor Julia Reineman English 1001 19 November 2010 The Steroid Effect in Professional Baseball In past twenty years, steroids have become a huge problem in major league baseball. Many players were using them because they assumed there was no chance in being caught. In the last five years the league has decided to crack down on […]

Prostate Cancer – prostatic carcinoma Occurring in men above the age of45, rarely will show up at younger age; prostate cancer can be asymptomatic ofwhich only discovered when a doctor asks for a prostate exam on a routinecheckup. But some symptoms include difficulty in urination, pain whileurinating, frequent urination.  In someadvanced cases bone pain, often in the spine, femur, […]

Values Morocco and Canada

Our world has several interesting and unique countries. However, each one of them has a lot of similarities and differences when we are comparing their values. Comparing Canada to Morocco shows many differences and similarities between the two countries; dress, punctuality, and these are just some aspects that show the differences between Canada and Morocco. Since Canada is […]


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