Religion is often the foundation of a person’s

Religionis often the foundation of a person’s identity. The term religion originatesfrom a Latin word that means “to tie or bind together,” and “moderndictionaries define religion as an organized system of beliefs and ritualscentering on a supernatural being or beings” (Religion and Identity). It means somethingto belong to a religion beyond simply sharing its beliefs and participating inits […]

Edward his seventh novel, “Arctic Summer”.Through his writing,

EdwardMorgan Forster was an English novelist, essayist,short story writer,and critic. Heis a difficult writer to classify, as an Edwardian modernist he criticizedVictorian middle class mores in formally traditional novels.Forster publishedfive novels in his lifetime, all of them except The LongestJourney, have been adapted into films.Thenovel “Maurice” although written nearly sixtyyears earlier, it was published a year after his […]

Frida Film Analysis

Frida and the Role of Women During the 1930’s and 1940’s, women of the world held virtually one role and one role only…homemaker. This was no different for the women of Mexico, except for one woman in particular, Frida Kahlo. Frida refused to accept the current ideals of society and the accepted social norms by engaging in things […]


Regardless of it’s popularity the play, Hamlet, still remains a puzzle which scholars for centuries have been analyzing and debating.   Authors, of any genres, simply can not guarantee how their writings will be interpreted by future generations.  Much of the criticism surrounding the play Hamlet, deals with the duality of Hamlet’s personality.  Hamlet is, in some ways, […]

Psychopathia sexualis

Psychopathia sexualis: Stevenson’s Strange Case, written by Stephen Heath, has one overriding theme: the “primitive duality in man. ” 1 This duality is clearly demonstrated throughout Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, a tale of a man whose alter-ego is a murderer. Heath begins his article by pointing out that the murder of the young […]

Being different

In Chavez’s Independence Day and, Cofer’s Silent Dancing both women share their stories of growing up and dealing with racism. However, they experienced racism differently: Cofer’s family faced discrimination from both without and within, while Chavez learned the meaning of shame and anger. Both faced a double-edged identity: having a different color of skin, and being a woman. […]

Sample Questions and Anwsers for Retail Hsc Papers

Identify and outline THREE functions of a retail environment. 3 * making a profit, * providing employment or * Functions within a retail environment (eg Buying, customer service). * A clear outline of each function, indicating its main features (eg buying involves the selection of products relevant to customers. needs), or its purpose (eg provide excellent customer service […]

The role of women in Hamlet

We found that women in these works of Shakespeare, on the whole, are winning and charming. They occupy a dominant position in the action of the play and are almost always in the forefront. Ruskin’s remark is amply justified in respect of these two works of Shakespeare as well as for his other comedies: “Shakespeare has no heroes, […]

Literary Analysis of Kate Chopin's “The Storm”

Kate Chopin is one of the most famous American writers who are notable for her brave and bold depiction of sexuality in her stories. Adultery is one of the common themes that majority of her works include such as “The Storm” and “The Awakening”. In her short story, “The Storm”, Chopin illustrates the “naturalness” and “positivity” of adultery […]

The Wife of Bath and Beatrice: Two Independent Sorts of Women

Those two characters share a certain amount of characteristics that differentiate them from the other women of their respective periods. One of them offers us an insight into the role of women in the Late Middle Ages and the other talks about a female character from the age of the Queen Elizabeth. What have the most interest for […]


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