In intersectionality. · I will be exploring

In this essay I will be defining what the concept intersectionality is. Intersectionality brings two most important aspects of feminist thinking. It brings the impact of race, gender and class on some women’s lives as well as the relations of power that is produced and transformed through women’s experience. Secondly, it propositions the support of the undoing of […]

Sermons of intersexuality, or the biological reality

Sermons can be an effective place to open safe ground for the exploration of culture and gender identity issues. Topical sermons can be developed from Genesis accounts of gendered creation, especially sensitive treatments of the Adam and Eve story as an expression of organic connection between male and female. Matthew 19:12 is a starting place for a sermon […]

Passionate of an eye. Guilty feelings will wash

Passionate instincts can overtake us in the blink of an eye. Guilty feelings will wash over, and soon take control of us. We’re propelled on an exciting, dangerous bender which could potentially destroy everything. Throughout history, humans have given into our polygamous nature through the act of infidelity,  men and women have been unfaithful to one another over […]

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson is a horror novel that follows the story of four people–Eleanor, Theodora, Dr. Montague and Luke–in their quest to conduct research on the supernatural happenings in Hill House. Eleanor is an isolated, damaged character who has spent her entire adult life looking after her recently deceased mother and being told […]

A awarded the Achievement in the Visual Arts

A lot can be learned from the environment that we live in. What we witness, and experience tells us a lot about society within which we live; our belief system, economic undertakings, politics and material culture. Through this material culture we can get an insight in the world and its people that lived before us. Culture is defined […]

There portrayed in her novel ‘The Immigrants’ Manju

There is an apparent divergence from the first generation and second generation diasporic Indian Woman Novelist. The first generation writers such as Anita Desai, Shashi Despande and. Bharathi Mukharjee project the issues of racism, nostalgia, and rootlessness whereas the second generation writers like Jhumpa Lahiri, Kiran Desai and. Manju Kapur attempts to smash the literary and social norms […]

What scientists call press conferences, issuing promissory notes

What more? Genes have been located, it is claimed, not only ‘for’ diseases like breast cancer but also ‘for’ homosexuality, alcoholism, criminality and a now notorious — and only half-facetious — speculation by Daniel Koshland, then editor of one of the world’s premier scientific journals, Science, that there might even be genes for homelessness. At the same time, […]

Amanda her also in the story, Mrs. Linde

Amanda TruongCWL 124Professor Goldstein20 December 2017Essay Prompt #2 In Ibsen’s, “A Doll’s House,” Nora experiences many encounters where she dealt with her husband’s comments. Along with her also in the story, Mrs. Linde also goes through another situation where it can only relate to the role of females. In this play, feminine sexuality helps connect into deeper problems […]

Gay a sexual attraction to someone of

Gay Identity Introduction: Out of the 195 countries in the world, in 76 of them it is still illegal to be gay. Someone who sexually identifies as “gay” is a person who has a sexual attraction to someone of their own sex. Ideology: Although many factors influence the way homosexual people live, religion is an integral part of […]

Religion is often the foundation of a person’s

Religionis often the foundation of a person’s identity. The term religion originatesfrom a Latin word that means “to tie or bind together,” and “moderndictionaries define religion as an organized system of beliefs and ritualscentering on a supernatural being or beings” (Religion and Identity). It means somethingto belong to a religion beyond simply sharing its beliefs and participating inits […]

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