HEALTHY been upset, anxious, or maybe even depressed,

And why they’re important

Nothing is more important than happy, healthy relationships.

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If you’re around the age of 12-16, You’ve probably heard a teacher, parent or councillor touch upon the idea of ‘healthy relationships’.

Don’t brush this off as useless information – having a healthy relationship with peers and relatives is incredibly important.


It creates a support network. Have you ever been upset, anxious, or maybe even depressed, but you feel like nobody is there to comfort you?

How you can take action

Kids Helpline is a free, confidential, 24/7 Helpline designed for teens and children to help with literally anything. You can call them at
1800 55 1800, or visit their easy-to-use, inviting website in the link section of this brochure.

They do not ask for your name or anything personal, but will always be open to talking about any problems you might have, including relationships.

We recommend Kids Helpline thanks to its easy approachability and easy-to-navigate webpage. We do have one another option, however, if you are curious:

ReachOut is a program to help with wellbeing in teens and young adults. It features helpful tools and programs such as articles, quizzes, and forums, including some to helpful content about relationships.

You can use the links that you’ll find in this brochure or search ‘’

Helpful links

Kids helpline

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