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Last updated: June 9, 2019

Heineken N.V.: Global Branding andAdvertising Q1) What are Heineken’s strengthsand weaknesses? Is Heineken a global brand?Heineken is a global brand due to the fact that it operates in more than 190countries in total in Europe, America, Asia/Australia and Africa.

Q2) Evaluate the research. Whathas been learned? Two projects were performed to illustrate brand identity and executions foradvertisements. First project was called Project Comet and second was calledProject Mosa.

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For the Project Comet, five elements of Heineken’s brand identitywere identified. In addition, the ways to express these elements in brandcommunications were outlined. Brand image of Heineken was “the world’s leadingpremium beer” and “good taste”. The aim of advertisements was to be asefficient as possible.

In result, learnings from Project Comet: good taste isbuilt on 5 values; premium, tradition, friendship, good taste and winningspirit. For the Project Mosa, focus groups were established. Aim of ProjectMosa was also to crate a global brand identity. In result, learnings fromProject Mosa: being premium has to do with friendship and taste, taste mattersa lot in almost all countries, packaging and ads are important as well.      Q3) How can the Heineken brand bedeveloped through marketing communications? Heineken brand can be developed by setting a balance between adaptation& standardization, applying the best possible strategy in each market (brandawareness should be created in African market, market share should be increasedin growing markets and market share should be maintained in mature markets),pursuing sponsorships for the events, using social media channels effectivelyall in the sense of marketing communications. It is crucial that Heineken needsa common marketing communications ‘message’ even though its overall strategiesmight differ in different markets. Q4) What should be the role ofHeineken’s headquarters in shaping the marketing of the brand worldwide? People’s tastes and preferences change fast and Heineken should follow thechange. For example, new bottle designs might be introduced.

Product imageshould be consistent and as previously mentioned; sponsorships for the eventsmight be arranged. Weaknesses of the brand should be fixed through successful marketingstrategy. It should be recognized that each market has its own characteristicsso local advertising is needed along with global marketing strategy. Lastly, headquartersshould control the advertisements in each market since there is a weak controlof given messages in different markets by local advertisements.  AytenKarasakal


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