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Hello Tech Players! I know what you are looking for. Oculus Rift Games 2018 right? There are plenty of games in the pipeline that are scheduled to be released in 2018. I am here to help you with amazing and worth buying games as you might be confused while buying the perfect one for you. Here is the list of most wanted games 2018, just have a look :1. Brass Tactics:Do you like to play Real Time Strategy? I am still wondering if you will also see what I see in it? Well, I got my answer when I heard people talking about it. This is the real-time strategy game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment which is recognized as one of the best selling strategy games. It has entertained millions of people around the globe. In the recent announcement by HPE, it will be releasing on Oculus Rift on February 22, 2018. Release Date: February 22, 20182. Marvel Powers United VR:Do you want to experience the powers of superheroes? Then go for this amazing game and explore the world of power by playing. It is the most wanted upcoming game that brings you all the powerful heroes from the world of Marvel like Hulk, Captain Marvel, and Rocket Raccoon. As announced by the developers, Sanzaru Games during an event, it will be released in the market in the very first quarter of the New Year. Release Date: 1st Quarter January 20183. Transference:Do you like thriller or horror? Ubisoft and Spectrevision have a surprise for you, “Transference.” Several announcements were made regarding the launch of this new series of psychological thriller in 2018 which will be compatible for the rift. This game is a perfect example of the combination of movie and games. This games will take you to a multi-dimensional home where you have to shape the lives of people from a family by collecting evidence. Developers have launched the trailers during an event but the exact date is yet in the pipeline. Releasing Date: Spring 20184. KIN:In the early August 2017, House of Secrets had announced the launch of KIN on oculus rift in 2018. If you are a virtual reality and puzzle lover then this is the best choice for you as it comes to you with challenging combat in the exciting virtually designed world.The exact release date is yet to be announced by the developers. Release Date: Yet to be announced.5. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard:Rift Lovers Attention! I have a perfect formula to transform your boring hours into an amazing virtual world! Yes…it’s Resident Evil 7 Biohazard coming to your favorite Oculus Rift in 2018.  This fear series is developed by Capcom Co. Ltd. With brand new all-new RE Engine. I know you all are waiting for it for a long time. But your wait is over! It is coming to the market in February 2018. So are you ready to experience Resident Evil 7,  (most scary residence), in virtual reality?Releasing Date: February 20186. Skyrim VR:Award-winning developer, Bethesda Game Studios has done a tremendous job by introducing Skyrim to the virtual reality world by resolving all the issues associated with it. Isn’t it the best news for you? This is the complete-length open-world game that will give you jaw-dropping experience throughout your playing journey. Are you ready to enjoy the world of Skyrim and Dragons? Releasing Date: November 20187. Budget CutsI know the pain of waiting for something desperately. After the launch of Budget Cuts on April 5, 2016, on HTC Vive, it has been burdened with “expectations.” It is one of the best solo player game developed by Neat Corporations. I am hopeful that developers are busy advancing the world of robots and making exciting new levels for us. The game is now scheduled to be launched in the second half of 2018. Releasing Date: 2nd Quarter, 20188. Half-Life 2 (VR Mod):According to me, this is the best game ever that I had played and it stands out in the history of the gaming world. Now we are going to experience this amazing game in virtual reality. Yes. You have heard right. The Half-Life 2 VR mod Team is making appreciable efforts to introduce it on rift for all Half-life 2 lovers. Just wait for this worthy game to be released. I am too excited. Are you?Releasing Date: 1st Quarter, 20189. Windlands 2:After the launch of previous,  Windlands by Psytec Games, one of the all-time favorites of VR gamers, here comes another series with more surprises and advancements for you all. Developers had created this beautiful game with natural colorful graphics that keeps you glued to it. If you have already played  Windlands before then you must be very excited about new advancements in  Windlands 2. I hope developers will soon make our wait over.Releasing Date: 1st Quarter, 201810. Apex Construct:This is developed by Fast Travel Games who are going to introduce it not only on rift but on all major VR modes. This is an adventurous game which takes you to a ruined world which was destructed by awful experiments of humans. So guys! Imagining the world of robots?? Your wait will be over very soon in the later 2018. Till then stay calm and have patience. Let the developers release this magnificent game into the virtual reality world.Releasing Date: 2nd Quarter, 2018Time to pen down.But..but..but it’s not all. There are many rift games that are announced by the developers during various events in 2017 but not confirmed their release in 2018. I can list some for you all if you like rift…sorry Love Rift Games. Here they are: 

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