Hello, are Baptist, Pentecostal, Seven Day Adventist.

Hello, my name is Franklin Woods. I am applying for a job with you in the Research division. I would like to take some time to show you why you should hire me. I will list some strengths and weaknesses showing you exactly why I would be a great asset to your company.
In the beginning I was raised up in the Christian denomination. I would come to know a couple of denominations within different religions. The denominations I came to know in the Christian are Baptist, Pentecostal, Seven Day Adventist. Other religions I came to know growing up and attending were Catholicism and a form of Judaism. Upon deploying to Iraq, I learned some about Islamic religion. I know I converted a few times, but I have gained knowledge in those areas.
When I returned home from war I became an agnostic. “Huxley coined the term agnostic for himself, and its first published use begin in 1870.”(The American Heritage. 5th edition.).The definition of an agnostic , “Someone who holds that the ultimate (God) and the essential nature of things are unknown or unknowable or that the human knowledge is limited to experience”.(The Macquarie Dictionary, 7th edition). One of my weaknesses would be that I can seem to be secularistic at times. I believe holding the knowledge of the above and being an agnostic holds me in a non-biased position which would serve you perfect. I hope to be putting my skills to good use for you in the future.

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