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Last updated: May 8, 2019

ASSIGNMENT: WRITING A POSITION PAPER WORTH Choose ONE of the four essays below and write a position paper of no less than 800 words.

Use the + or – 10% guidelines: that is, no fewer than 700 words and no longer than 900 words. Your position paper must be organized in the form that has been described in this course. Be sure to review carefully the guidelines that follow these annotated titles. Use APA documentation style for this assignment. You can access the format document through the MacEwan librarys homepage, or contact Writing and Learning Services for a one-on-one appointment.Writing and Learning Services works either via email, telephone, or in person, and is a free, confidential service available to any MacEwan student for any assignment.

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Call any of the MacEwan campus switchboards and ask for Writing and Learning Services. “Some Enemies of Science” J. B. S. Haldane, p.

225 Haldane’s subject is the law surrounding the use of animals for scientific experimentation. The essay, written in 1928, focuses on the British system before WWII, but Haldane refutes a number of arguments that arc still at issue today. David Suzuki’s “The Pain of Animals” is a good companion piece to this essay.One Generation from Extinction” Basil H.

Johnson, p. 238 Johnson’s subject is the disappearance of North American Native people’s languages. He explains what language means to its own culture and to scholars attempting to understand native cultures. The tone of this recent essay may surprise you. The problems of identity as experienced by Natives is explored in a more humorous way by Drew Hayden Taylor in “Pretty Like a White Boy: The Adventures of a Blue Eyed Ojibway. ” “Now…

This” Neil Postman. p. 243 Postman’s subject is the state of “public discourse” ??” the ability of people to reason rom presented information in the television age.

Although some of Postman’s points of reference seem outdated, readers are encouraged to think deeply about the influence of media. Gloria Steinem’s “Sex, Lies, and Advertising” takes the issue into the print medium. “The Polities of Common Sense” John Ralston Saul, p. 291 Saul’s subject is the conflict between what should be done to solve some of societys problems and what is being done. His short but thought-provoking examples are timely and well-known; any one of them could provide the basis for a position paper. Read Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” for an extended, absurd satire on the problem of poverty in another era. n your position paper, you must include the following formal evidence from the essay to which you are responding: at least TWO but no more than FOUR quotations at least TWO but no more than FOUR paraphrased passages Performance Indicator Your instructor will Look for depth and originality, both of which arise from your through understanding and willingness to engage with the material you read.

Although you will not be handing in what may amount to pages of note-taking and drafting ideas on your opic, that background will make your final essay much stronger.Check the development and organization of your essay which includes paragraph length (100 – 1 50 words each) and paragraph structure (topics sentences, transitions and concluding sentences) Comment on how well your position paper demonstrates your understanding of the essay you are responding to. In particular, you will be graded on how clearly your set out the main ideas in your essay, the quality of the opposing views you have discovered, how well you have refuted those opposing views, and how effectively you have presented your own position.Be sure to write a strong thesis statement and to formulate clear topic sentences for the body paragraphs. Comment on how effectively you have integrated several quotations and paraphrases from the essay to which you are responding, and how well you have used the APA documentation style.

Written assignment evaluation criteria are outlined in the course syllabus. CHECKLIST To get the best mark possible on all your essays, be sure you can answer the following in the affirmative before you hand in your work. I have carefully followed assignment instructions. I have followed the conventions of the academic essay.I have used appropriate literary theory, concepts, and terminology. I have developed main and sub-points with sufficient evidence from the work(s) and outside sources where required.

I have acknowledged all paraphrased, summarized, and quoted evidence with in-text citations. I have cross-referenced those citations on a (grammar, spelling/usage, punctuation, and mechanics). I have provided continuity within and between paragraphs with effective transitions. I have used a consistent point of view throughout the essay.

I have demonstrated my personal writing style for appropriate tone and overall impact.


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