* to make her a quilt book


* Oregon Trail Book List *Historical Fiction1.  Young, J. and Ettlinger, D. (2011). A Book for Black-Eyed Susan. Sleeping Bear Press.This is a story about a little girl named Cora. Cora is only ten years old when we meet her on her travels west. We see her lose her mother to childbirth on the journey. Cora asks her father to name the baby one of her mother’s favorite flowers, Susan. It was decided that the baby would stay with the family’s aunt. In order for Susan to remember her family, Cora decides to make her a quilt book to remember her and their family by. 2. VanLeeuwen, J. (1996). Bound for Oregon. NY: Puffin Books.This is a story about the Todd family. They set off from Arkansas home to claim land in Oregon with only a guide book to get them there. It is a thrilling adventure of moving west along with all the trials and tribulations one may experience. Can you imagine making this trip with only a guide book? 3. Weiss, E. (2004). Westward Bound! An Oregon Trail Adventure. Learning Co.This is an adventure story about Parker, Cassie, and Jimmy traveling on the Oregon Trail. This is a classic tale about finding out who your true friends are. I thought this was an interesting one because dad is already in Oregon and sent a friend to help them make the journey. It portrays a different way of getting west than I have read before.4. Messner, K. and McMorris, K. (2015). Rescue on the Oregon trail. New York: Scholastic Inc.This is a book about a Golden Retriever, Ranger, who was trained as a search and rescue dog but he hasn’t been able to pass his official test to become certified. Ranger comes across a magical first aid kit that transports him to the year 1850. The central focus of this book is Ranger helping a boy named Sam Abbott and his family make the trip to Oregon safely. It is enjoyable to learn about things from the dog’s perspective.5.Kudlinski, K. (1996). Facing West: A Story of the Oregon Trail (Once Upon America). Puffin Books.Ben faces many adventures and hardships when his family travels west in 1845 in a covered wagon. Ben fears the possibility that he might have a devastating asthma attack during this trip. As his family sets out from Missouri to Oregon, young Ben wonders whether he will have more trouble with the dangers of the journey or his debilitating asthma.6. Wilder, L. and Williams, G. (1953). Little House on the Prairie. New York: Harper Collins.This is a story about Laura Ingalls Wilder and her pioneer family. This is a series of books on which the popular TV series Little House of the Prairie is based.  7.Gregory, K. (1997). Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie: The Oregon Trail Diary of Hattie Campbell (Dear America Series). Scholastic Inc.This is a story about thirteen-year-old Hattie Campbell. She records the details of her family’s distressing migration to Oregon in a covered wagon and describes the many challenges, both joyful and unpleasant, that mark the journey.Non-Fiction1. Friedman, M. (2010). The Oregon Trail (True Books). Childrens Pr.This is a book about the Oregon Trail. It discusses reasons for leaving, claiming the West, hopes and dreams as well as the challenges people faced on the trail. I like these “True Books” because they have an important word section, resources, organizations and websites, as well as places to visit. 2. Domnauer, T. (2010). Westward Expansion (True Books). Childrens Pr.This book describes the causes, methods, people, and effects of the expansion of the original thirteen colonies to the West. I like these “True Books” because they have an important word section, resources, organizations and websites, as well as places to visit. 3. Domnauer, T. (2010). Life in the West (True Books). Childrens Pr.This is a book about the journey west with America’s pioneers on foot, on horseback, and in covered wagons. These are true stories of courage and survival that shaped our nation.  I like these “True Books” because they have an important word section, resources, organizations and websites, as well as places to visit. 4. Erickson, P. (1997). Daily Life in a Covered Wagon. Puffin Books.This book explores what life was really like on the wagon trail for the Larkin family. The Larkin’s loaded up their wagon and headed west in search of a new life in 1853. This book explores what they ate, what they did, how they survived sickness and attacks from cattle thieves. 5. Levine, E. and Freem, E. (1992). If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon. New York: Scholastic Inc.This book tells you what it is like to be a pioneer and travel west to Oregon in the 1840s. I liked that this book addressed: what was the Oregon Territory, why did people want to travel to Oregon, what was a covered wagon, what was a wagon train, what was a “trail guide”, best time of year to travel, etc. I particularly like that this book made a connection to the Oregon Trail today and said that you can drive on highways over much of the Oregon Trail and see some of the places mentioned in the book. 6. Morley, J. (2012). You Wouldn’t Want to Be an American Pioneer!: A Wilderness You’d Rather Not Tame. Franklin Watts.This is a light-hearted look at some of the difficulties faced by the pioneers who traveled by wagon train across the United States to settle in the West. The illustrations in this book are pretty great. They are quirky and will make you laugh. 7. Thompson, G. (2003). Our Journey West. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic Society.Twelve-year-old Sarah Marshall and her family leave their New York home in 1852 to seek a better life in the fertile lands of Oregon. Readers get a sense of the dangers, difficulties, and exhausting everyday experience facing the thousands who trekked the 2,000-mile Oregon Trail by covered wagon, horseback, and foot. This is a National Geographic book that has great pictures! Picture Books*I struggled with this section. There are too many words in some of these books for me to feel like they are true picture books. I noticed there are multiple definitions for what constitutes as a picture book. I hope you find these helpful regardless*1. Bunting, E. and Shed, G. (2001). Dandelions. San Diego: Voyager Books.This is a story about Zoe and her family traveling across the prairie in wagon pulled by oxen. It is a tender story of a family being transplanted somewhere new. There is an interesting dynamic where Zoe notes that she has never seen her papa so happy or mama so sad. This story explores emotions that characters can’t always express. This story includes the family building a soddie house! 2.Gregory, J. and Farre?, L. (2016). If You Were a Kid on the Oregon Trail. C. Press/F. Watts Trade.This is a story that explores what was like to be a kid on the Oregon Trail. Travel through time with Stephen and Josephine as they take a journey to Oregon in this exciting blend of fiction and nonfiction. I liked that this was a blend of fiction and nonfiction. It had a storyline to follow but it included photographs and facts about the Oregon Trail. It also included a timeline and “words to know”. 3. Wilder, L. and Graef, R. (1999). Prairie Day (My First Little House Books Series). Harper Collins.I highly recommend this one. This is a story about Laura and her family and their journey across the flat Kansas prairie. It is the classic house on the prairie but in a picture book form. There are gophers and rabbits to play with in the daytime. Of course there is a cozy camp that awaits at night. These illustrations are absolutely beautiful! 4.Wilder, L. and Graef, R. (1999). A Little Prairie House (Little House Picture Book). Harper Collins.I highly recommend this one as well. This is a story about a little girl named Laura Ingalls headed west toward the prairie with her Pa, her Ma, her sisters, Mary and Carrie, and their good old bulldog, Jack. They traveled in a covered wagon, driving through tall grass until they found just the right spot for their new home. With the help of their neighbor, Mr. Edwards, Pa built a little house for the family on the prairie.5. Wilder, L. and Graef, R. (1997). Going West (Little House Picture Book). Harper Collins.I highly recommend this one as well.The Little House books tell the story of a little pioneer girl and her family as they traveled by covered wagon across the Midwest. These illustrations are absolutely beautiful! 6. Hopkinson, D. and Carpenter, N. (2004). Apples to Oregon. New York: Atheneum Books for Young Readers.This is the story of Delicious (named after an apple ^_^) and her family as they move from Salem, Lowa all the way to Milwaukie, Oregon. Delicious tells us about their adventure-filled journey. Delicious tells us about her Papa getting his precious fruit trees, carried in boxes set to wagons, across the western plains and mountains, and ultimately planted in good Oregon dirt. There are a lot of facts about apples. It is a cute tall tale! 7. Leeuwen, J. and Bond, R. (2007). Papa and the Pioneer Quilt. Kendall Hunt Publishing.This is a nice, feel good story about quilts. Quilts have a wonderful way of holding history. This story is about Rebecca and her family moving west. Her papa always had “wandering feet”. During this journey west Rebecca collects pieces of cloth to mark different memories, some happy and some upsetting. Her mama will help her use these pieces to make a quilt that will become a wonderful keepsake of their eventful journey west. There was a cheerful optimistic about this story. I loved the illustrations!

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