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Here is how you can plan your perfect party. First off make sure you have a theme for your party. Now for this party, I would like to go creative and since I am inviting ladies and gentlemen, I will go ahead and ask the ladies to wear gold dresses and for the gentleman to wear a t-shirt and a trouser that’s navy blue.
Making sure that we have high security at the gates to check bags and so on.

I have to know everybody that’s coming, so let’s say we have forty guests coming. So I will have to send all forty invitations to the guests.
Sent out my invitation and on there I will tell my guests that all varieties of food and drinks will be available. Tell the guests about the theme, time, place, location of the where the party is going to be taking place. Since I have the theme and invitations done.

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The day before the party, I have to see what I am going to get for food and drinks, snacks and appetizers . have to make sure everything is peanut free and gluten free. I have to have vegan snacks, vegan dinner and so on and make sure to have all off these labeled in the menu and on the table itself where it will be served.

Day of the party, I have to set up any deserts will be served fresh that day all the decorations, and music and balloons will be all done that day. Serving dinner after seven pm.

Finally, sending out a little thank you for coming message to all the guests and the host of the party.

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