Hi bachelor of information technology programme, because I


Hi I am Md.Kawsar Hossain.
I live in Dhaka city in Bangladesh. I have completed diploma in engineering
from Lakshmipur polytechnic instute. My major was computer science. After
completed my diploma I have decided to go to study aboard especially in Europe for my higher studies. I have to go apply for bachelor of information technology
programme, because I am sure it would strongly enrich my future studies and
helps me in my prospective career. Furthermore, I consider this programme as a
great opportunity to get in touch with European Culture and educational system.

For that reason I have
started searching for the best course all over the world through internet.
After several days a long searching and I found that Finland would be the best
choice for me. I compared with other countries such as Australia, Canada, USA but
I found and my friends whom are studied in Finland they told me Finland would
be the best choice for me and the Centria University of Applied Science is the
perfect university for me.

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The main reason of going
aboard is that the Centria university of Appalied science’s Information
Technology – growing number of possibilities! Beside this, the IT field offers
great opportunities to young creative people who master the foundations and
technologies used to build new applications and web development systems. The
degree programme in Information Technology provides me with a wide knowledge in
software engineering, web development and communications. In addition to
regular courses they offer advanced students real world projects where i can
challenge myself.


Their main specializations
are software engineering, web development and communication technologies. These
are the fastest growing areas of IT. I get skills to build applications using
different programming languages and platforms. According, in the course of my above-mentioned studies I have found out,
that I would like to specialize in IT studies. The Centria University of
Applied Science gives me a chance to get
in touch with these subjects through modules from IT Department. I really liked
my project and I am eager to continue in it.

This would give me a chance to increase my IT knowledge in the
encouraging, creative, and bachelor of information technology is one of the
largest British university. Moreover I could develop my English and increase my
confidence in passing the IELTS examinations after I return. I hope you will
consider me as a good candidate for your university and I will be great full if
you give me chance to work with your experienced teachers.  

Thank you.



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