Hi then, is unemployment, i.e. having no job,

Hi Hamed! How are you?

Not bad. And what about you Fatma?

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I’m Ok, but you look a little stressed. What’s wrong?

Remember I had sent my CV to two companies last week? Those
two haven’t shown any interest in me so far. Neither has the one I had applied
for three weeks back.

Are you for real Hamed! Do you expect them to come back to
you in less than 10 working days? They will need days to go through all the CVs
they have got.

In my opinion, something else is the reason for that. My
father always says that getting a good job was easier before than it is now. He
says people were smarter in the past than they are now.

Interesting outlook, but I am afraid I can’t agree with him.

He says, for example, he has only got a High School Diploma
and he was offered a job immediately after he completed his school studies in
1980. On the other hand, look at 2018: many young people don’t get an immediate
job offer even after they complete their Bachelor Degree, let alone High School
Diploma, he says.

I’m sorry Hamed, but your father is looking at it from the
wrong angle. It has nothing to do with smartness. There were only very few
young people with a High School Diploma in 1980. So it was very easy for them
to get jobs, where as we have got many more post graduates in Oman today.
Obviously, it is not easy for a High School graduate to get a steady job.

Are there any jobs left for us, I wonder.

Of course there are. More companies and industries are
coming up every day.

Why, then, is unemployment, i.e. having no job, increasing
all over the world? In my opinion, unemployment is one of the biggest issues

Young people without a job is certainly an issue, but the
rate of unemployment is actually coming down in many countries. For example, in
the USA, the UK and Germany it has decreased very noticeably in the last 7
years. In the year 2010, which is 7 years back, the US had 10% of its workforce
without any job. However, the US rate of unemployment has come down to nearly
4% now.

That’s good news, but the fall in the price of oil is
getting me worried. What’s going to happen if it continues to fall like this?

Oh Hamed, you should play less football and read more newspapers!
As a matter of fact, the price of oil is increasing: it is standing at $67
today compared with $29.64 in January 2016. The future is not as bleak as you
think it is!

You seem to know everything Fatma! How do you manage to know
about all these stuff?

I watch news programs on TV and read most of the local
newspapers. I also read The Economist. It’s a London based weekly that looks
into these kind of things.

Wow! Could you lend me your copy of The Economist after you
read it?

Gladly Hamed, but will you get time to read it after your

To be honest Fatma, I’m not sure myself!



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