Hofstede approach in Colombia

Colombia is a country with 47 million inhabitants located in the northern part of South America. Is a country in witch culture is very important, Colombian people tent to be very proud of our cultural background and traditions, some of them were inherited during the colonial era, and home have been evolving ever since. Analyzing Colombia’s cultural its not easy since the socio- economical breach in the country is very big. Even if it’s not an approach in hofstede approach, Colombia is a very regional culture, things vary from a part from the country to the other, people from the coast is not the same as people from the capital.Hofstede first dimension individualism Colombia is amongst the lowest individualistic scores; in other words, it lies amongst the most collectivistic cultures in the world. OSince the Colombians are a highly collectivistic people, belonging to an in-group and aligning yourself with that group’s opinion is very important. Combined with the high scores in PDI, this means that groups often have their strong identities tied to class distinctions.

Loyalty to such groups is paramount and often it is through “corporative” groups that people obtain privileges and benefits, which are not to be found in other cultures.At the same time, conflict is avoided, in order to maintain group harmony and to save face. Relationships are more important than attending to the task at hand, and when a group of people holds an opinion on an issue, they will be Joined by all who feel part of that group. Colombians will often go out of their way to help you if they feel there is enough attention given to developing a relationship, or if they perceive an “in- group” connection of some sort, however thin. However, those perceived as “outsiders” can easily be excluded or considered as “enemies”.

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The preferred ommunication style is context-rich, so public speeches and written documents are usually extensive and elaborate. We love to be in company, we don’t like to be alone, we value relationships independent if they are personal or professional, a lot of times this condition helps companies to improve because team work is not something that we learn is something that we have since we’re born. But still even see that other things in society damage this relationships because for example is very rare that a person hangs around with a person that is from a lower socio-economic position.So really how collectivist are we really? Hofstede second dimension is Masculinity versus Femininity. A high score (masculine) on this dimension indicates that the society will be driven by competition, achievement and success, with success being defined by the winner / best in field – a value system that starts in school and continues throughout organizational behavior. A low score (feminine) on the dimension means that the dominant values in society are caring for others and quality of life.

A feminine society is one where quality of life is the sign of success and standing out from the crowd is not admirable. The or liking what you do (feminine). Its not like Colombia is a country lead by men but that doesn’t mean that in some cases men make their point about who’s in charge, we have seen in the later years that women occupy more important positions, but sometimes especially in labor Jobs women still get discriminated and even in some situations gets paid less than men.But In the same circumstances Colombian women had shown that they are an important part in the society, last year a nation wide survey showed that women are more compromised in creating and maintaining new ventures than men, as well of being more successful at it than men. Third dimension is power distance.

Colombian people see themselves as a society that believes that inequalities amongst people are simply a fact of life.This inequality is accepted in all layers of society, so a union leader will have a lot of concentrated power compared to his union management team, and they in turn will have more power than other union members. A similar phenomenon will be observed among business leaders and among the highest positions in government. Since the economic situation in this country plays a huge actor in the culture, it happens that the culture itself gets shifted around this.

I could write a million situations in witch power of distance are shown in my country.All that’s important is that if you have money you have a life like living in another country like the US and but if you don’t have money you would feel like living in the middle ofa war zone. Forth dimension – high uncertainty versus low uncertainty avoidance Colombia has a high score on uncertainty avoidance, which means that as a nation they are seeking mechanisms to avoid ambiguity.

Emotions are openly expressed; there are (extensive) rules for everything and social conservatism enjoys quite a following. This is also reflected in religion, which is respected, followed by many and conservative.Rules are not necessarily followed, however: this depends on the in- group’s opinion, on whether the group feels the rules are applicable to their members and it depends, ultimately, on the decision of power holders, who make their own rules. Oln work terms this results in detailed planning that may not necessarily be followed in practice. 0The combination of high I-JAI with the scores on the previous four dimensions means that it is difficult to change the status quo, unless a fgure of authority is able to amass a large group of people and lead them owards change.

Colombian culture is very peculiar, there are rules that people Just brake and they might encounter troubles with the law, that is of course if the law does something, but there are some rules that are set in society that Just cant be broken, most of them are related to the religion, witch is very respected. So the fact that someone gets a divorce, that is seen as a catastrophe, but if the same person does something illegal then he or she is not Judge by society they Just say it’s the government responsibility, we Colombian’s have very weird of acting and showing our motions.But still in the late years the society has shown to be more accepting but very conservative country. Fifth and last dimension of Hofstede – Long term or short term orientation.

Hosted haven’t researched this dimension in the Colombian culture, but one thing is for sure, we are not a society that thinks long term, we Just do things day bay day, and wait till things come to deal with them later, Colombians tend to leave everything for the last minute and Just wait if it happens, 10 years and ahead plans is not something that bother us. We Just say, “Lest wait and see what happens”.



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