Homarus grasses in cold alongside rocky waters off

Homarus americanus or American lobster, which belongs to Crustacean
class of Arthropoda phylum, is a multicellular eukaryotic organism. They have
bilateral cleavage, hard exoskeleton, segmented bodies and jointed appendages.

Moreover, as their vision is not highly developed, they depended on their sense
of taste and smell regarding on feeding matters. American lobster feed
primarily on fish, mollusk and sometimes algae and other aquatic plant part.

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Furthermore, they can be found near the sea floor, especially in the sea
grasses in cold alongside rocky waters off the Atlantic coast of North America.

 They are sexual organism and mating happened
when the female lobster has just molted. Their mating occurred in 30 minutes
but time could be changed during the process. According to “Intermolt
Insemination, an alternative Mating Strategy for the American Lobster (Homarus
americanus)”, as intermolt insemination is important for American lobsters’
biological process, it is also important for reproductive strategy. Even though
they can apply the reproductive strategy called pre or post molt, however if
they didn’t eject her eggs earlier of next molting
they could be lost the spermatophore because of the new molting. As a result,
their breeding chances could be lost, however
intermolt insemination occurred during their molting process. For instance,
Acknowledgement of intermolt copulating can transformed as conventional
theories of breeding, productivity, and production of egg of Homarus americanus and obtains
resolution of earlier perplexed questions (Waddy and Aiken, 1990). Moreover, by
this process not only size increased, also egg production increased, which also
helped in reproduction of their species. As we know if the reproduction rate is
increasing, the survival rates also increase for that organism. Additionally,
they did part 5 of the experiment to examine either those female lobsters
followed the multiple mating strategy and they found that even though they
already have inseminated by previous mating they still mate with new male and
that was only for a small population.

the authors Waddy and Aiken proposed that we can observe intermolt insemination
through the video recording I personally think we can use different techniques
to observe their intermolt insemination and multiple mating process. If we can
measure female lobster’s body size and inspect their reproductive organ that
also can help us to found that they got insemination during intermolt process.

Though, to get the measurement of their body size not going to be easier and
also only a small population only can fit on this research still that will be
one method I found amicable. As well female lobsters DNA sample can appliance
for inquire the multiple mating.

short, to increase the survival rate Homarus
americanus can go through with their different reproductive strategies even
though sometimes its not possible for all population.  The authors Waddy and Aiken examine in a
small group of lobster to observe their reproductive strategy as a allover
population, which is really effective for their survival rates.



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