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Research Assignment —— (Lisa) Jing Yang Question 1: 1) Food and Beverage Sector The role of the food and beverage sector is to provide meals and beverages to customers within a hospitality establishment such as restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets, bars. E. g.

* Lulu’s Cafe at 457 King Georges Road, Beverly Hills * Asahi Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant at 459 King Georges Road 2) Gaming Sector This sector provides services and facilities such as poker machines foe the purchases of gaming and betting. E. g. * Star City Casino at 80 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont NSW * Kingsgrove RSL Club at 4 Brocklehurst Lane, Kingsgrove NSW ) Clubs Sector Clubs can provide gaming, accommodation recreational activities and food and beverages. E. g. * Hurstville RSL Memorial Club at 1 Ormonde Parade, Hurstville NSW * Penshurst RSL Club at 58A Penshurst Street, Penshurst Penshurst RSL Club Hurstville RSL Memorial ClubAddress: Hurstville RSL Memorial ClubAddress: 4) Travel and Tourism Sector Travel and Tourism Sector provides information services to tourists and transport to and from tourist destinations. E.

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g. * Tourist Australia Travel Centre at 2/534 Princes Highway, Rockdale NSW * ANZ Sky Tours Ltd at a6/208 Forest Road, Sydney NSW ) Accommodation Sector Accommodation Sector provides people with a suitable place to stay. E. g. * Narwee Hotel at 116 Penshurst Road, Narwee NSW * Beverly Hills Hotel at 427 King Georges Road, Beverly Hills NSW Question 2: Trade Union(e. g.

The Liquor Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers Union)| Roles| To collectively represent its members, usually engaged in a common role or industry, in matters related to the payment of wages and working conditions. | Who they work with| Through its leadership, bargains with the employer on behalf of union members and negotiates labour contracts with employers. Services| * Provision of benefits to members * Collective bargaining * Industrial action * Political activity| Industry Organisation(e. g. Australia Hotel Association)| Roles| To represent the members in matters that relate to industrial relations or refer matters to the employer organisations.

| Who they work with| The majority of the AHA’s members are pubs and taverns, while a significant number are accommodation hotels. | Services| * Gambling policy * Alcohol ; health policy * Tourism * Taxation (including alcohol excise) * Workplace relations ; employment issues * Business regulation|Question 3: * Hospitality: Hospitality is the magazine the hospitality industry turns to when it wants the latest news, views and information about what’s happening across this dynamic business. * http://www. hospitalitymagazine. com. au/home. aspx * http://www.

hospitality-industry. com/ Question 4: * Less Japanese tourists The Great East Japan Earthquake was a magnitude 9. 0 undersea megathrust earthquake off the coast of Japan that occurred on 11 March 2011.

It was the most powerful known earthquake to have hit Japan, and one of the five most powerful earthquakes in the world overall since modern record-keeping began in 1900.The Japanese National Police Agency has confirmed 14,755 deaths, 5,279 injured and 10,706 people missing, as well as over 125,000 buildings damaged or destroyed. The Japan disaster has not only caused death, destruction, but those also influenced the global tourism industry. The travelers from Japan spend more money per person than American tourists, which resulted in approximately $1. 9 billion in 2010.

Many Japanese won’t travel to other countries recently because of the earthquake which will influence the global tourism and hospitality industry. * High Australia DollarsThe local currency hit 110. 10 US cents on 02/05/11.

Its highest level since the fixed exchange rate era ended in December 1983. The Australian dollar has gained more than 12 US cents in just over a month on the back of rising commodity prices and the widening gap in official interest rates in the US and Australia. A rising Australian dollar is putting a smile on the face of Aussies buying imported goods and travelling overseas, because they can spend the same amount of money to buy more things than before. Higher Australia dollars facilitate the tourism and hospitality industry. Question 5:IPad Ordering System The Apple iPad has found a new use as restaurant menus, and excited customers and foodies are more than happy to play with the Apple iPad gadget and order food wirelessly to the kitchen in a futuristic way. Reports indicate that Global Mundo Tapas in the North Sydney Rydges Hotel has become the first in Australia to replace their printed menus with Apple’s new touch screen device. A custom-made iPad application allows customers to browse the menu, see what the dish looks like, suggest the best wines, food pairings, how they’d like the meat cooked and view tasting notes.

Then finally they can compile the order and send it wirelessly to the kitchen. The IPad ordering system attracts lots of customers to come to the restaurant and having fun. Also waiters or waitresses could spend less time to make customers’ orders. Question 6: The definition of ecotourism adopted by Ecotourism Australia is: “Ecotourism is ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation”. http://www. ecotourdirectory. com/ecotours/australia/Ecotourism is well established in Australia and 11% of the Continent is protected.

Australia has National parks, conservation areas and protected marine sites such as the Great Barrier Reef which ecotourists come to explore. There are a wealth of activities for ecotourists such as diving, hiking, camping, and sailing and the chance to participate in conservation projects. Travel Agents, Tour Operators ; Eco Accommodation in Australia: Small World Journeys – ecotoursim travel Australia Small World Journeys aims to serve its guests by offering a true ecotourism experience in Cairns, Australia.

Our goal is to promote sustainable travel by keeping tourist dollars in the community by using only locally-owned businesses, by making our operations carbon-neutral, and by raising awareness of the environmental and cultural issues facing Australia’s tropical north and the world. TASafari 4WD Camping Adventures TASafari offer active camping/walking tours to remote areas of Tasmania. Our tour groups are small and personal (max 9). We believe that to truly experience the Tasmanian wilderness, camping is a must.

TASafari tours are designed for fit and active people. Sapphire Coast EcoToursOffering half and one day guided walking tours of Mimosa Rocks National Park, on the far south coast of New South Wales. Small groups ensure a very special nature experience. They also arrange packages including gourmet meals and accommodation. Cooper Creek Wilderness Cooper Creek Wilderness showcases the most spectacular and diverse rainforest in the heart of the ancient Daintree Rainforest Australia. Groups are exclusive, guided by enthusiastic local experts.

A Closer Look Travel Specializes in booking eco travel, community (real cultural connection) travel and volunteer travel.We have one of the largest databases (about 3,300) of worldwide sustainable travel opportunities in the US. I-to-I Meaningful Travel I-to-I is the world leader in ethical volunteer and gap year travel. We send 5,000 people a year to work with 500 important community development, teaching, and conservation projects in over 30 countries across 5 continents. http://www. yesaustralia. com/turis-ecologicoing.

htm Ecology and protection of the environment does not lack in Australia. Fines can be severe for those who do not follow Australia’s rules of preservation.All that should be taken away from national parks and marine parks are photographs and any garbage, including cigarette buds. Any fires lit need to be treated with great attention, and make sure that the fire has been put out well when finished. In some forest, marine parks, and islands, it is necessary to get permission (normally by buying a permit). If you want to camp, prices for such permits are very low, and is in place more as a form of control. Consult the Rangers about any type of activity you intend to make, either in a marine park, reserve forest, or any national parks.

Remember there are many types of animals that can present some danger such as snakes, spiders, and even poisonous plants. There are more than a thousand National Parks in Australia, all kept by the rangers, and are well marked. Most of the parks offer simple and free maps, and some parks have detailed maps for sale, prices ranging from au$10. Many parks have Aborigines relics that are considered sacred, and the destruction of any form, could pose heavy fines and even prison.

Australia has all types of parks. They include some deserts, sub-tropical, tropical vegetation, Marine Parks etc.Bibliography: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Trade_union http://www.

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ecotourism. org. au/



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