How that will guide you to move ahead.

How to Build A Culture of Employee Recognition

Only good working environemnet will invite the best minds in the business. gone are the days when paychecks decided who worked where. Companies have come to relaise that it take more htna a pay check to recruit and retain talent and loyalty. Only when employees of an organization feel that their hardwork is recognized and their presence acknowledged will they be motivated to stay loyal to the company and work towards its growth.

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So, how can you build this culture of employee recognition in your organization. With a little bit of thought, dedication and effort you can reap long term benefits. Hre are a few tips that will guide you to move ahead.

1.     Gift your employees: Corporate gifts are a great way of showing appreciation for employee loyalty and effort. Ensure that employees are recognized for their efforts and present them with gifts that will be useful; it is not the cost of the gift but its utility value and the timely nature of the gift that will win your employees over. Do not wait for an occasion to gift htem, appreciate good work instantaneously. And if the gifts are personalized all the more value to them.

2.     Appreciate immediately: Positive reinforcement is beneficial in every scenario be it the workplace or at home. Even though an employee has done his job, if you notice that it has been done exceptionaly well and within time, make it a point to appreciate the effort. For one thing it will be a morale booster for the employee that his hard work has been recognized and secondly this will motivate the others to perform better.

3.     Spice up things: Daily routine work can be boring and sap the energy in the best. Hence organize team building events where the staff are doing things other than their mundane job. This will bring the members closer and build a bond between the management and the staff. Or you can organize a theme day, nature walk,or anything that will convey the thought that you care for your employees physical and mental well being.

4.     Take interest in individual growth: All employees should be given an opportunity to grow. You must take time and conduct either a survey with questionnaires asking their goals and interests and put capable staff in positions they can thrive in. Or sit down with each individual member to asses their concerns and their ambitions and make a genuine attempt to help them grow. A staff that feels taken care of will be very productive and will go out of its way to stand by its organization at all times even during strife.

5.     Fund skill training: Not all staff might have the affordability to pursue their interests or education. If you can identify such deserving candidates fund their education or send them to workshops where they can improve their present skills and contribute to the development of the organization.

6.     Make them responsible: When you hand over a little more responsibility to deserving members they will acknowledge the fact that the company trusts them and will strive to live up to the additional responsibility. This will not only bring out the best in the employees but it will be beneficial to the company as the staff will become more confident and empowered.

Thus, build an atmosphere where the employees feel safe and secure and not threatened. Recognising achievements and even day-to-day jobs work like a shot in the arm and motivate people to do better.

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