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How to focus and concentrate better how to focus or concentrate on work everyone thinks about it- from employee to the boss from student to principals and everyone out there. How we can be more productive and as many as information we want from meeting or class here are some tips on how to focus and concentrate better- realize your goals it is really necessary that you should know your goals that what you want to achieve. Your focus and concentration should not be scattered in collecting useless information. The goal should be absolutely concrete tangible and visible. And it is necessary that it should be in your brain all the time it keeps you motivated and focused. No multitasking multitasking does not always give you best results. It gets hard to concentrate on several things at the same time. Our concentration is scattered and ultimately we dont get full information of anything. Manage one thing at a time and just focus on that. Get rid of external stimuli it happens that you feel distracted by tv volume when you are studying or by notification on the phone when you are working etc. Just try to remove this distraction for example ask your parents to turn off or mute the tv when you are studying turn off the data connection or wi-fi while working or switch off the phone if you are doing very important work. Take breaks dont overdo work it will decrease your concentration. Take 10- 15 minutes break after working for 45-60 minutes. Breaks help you to maintain your own capacity for work at a really high level during the day. But dont get too comfortable like taking a short nap; it will get difficult to concentrate again. To-do list it does not matter whether you are a businessman or a student you should know that what you are going to do for the whole day. Set priorities and make a list of the work that you have to finish by the end of the day. It will remind you of your unfinished work will help to concentrate on what is really important to do at the moment and not to remember what has not been completed yet. Be positive repeating the thoughts like i cannot focus completely makes you weak and you wont feel confident anymore. We know that everything is in our brain; if we decide to anything and we want to do it then definitely we will succeed. So train yourself to be positive practice and training can improve your ability. Always remind yourself that you are improving your results were better than yesterday. Last but not least- sleep. Lack of sleep decreases your focus and concentration so always take good night sleep and never ignore your health. 

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