How can increase your followers gradually. Nothing

How to Become Instagram Famous


Today I am going to share few tricks and tips to become
Instagram famous, you can increase your followers gradually. Nothing comes over
night, I do not have magic stick or neither you should believe in magic nor shortcuts,
Everything takes time in life, I have been researching on this topic since long
and have came across with many websites and apps who guarantee you 100k
followers or more than this in few hours. Here I am not going to let you know
any type of short term short cuts but will be sharing route to roots knowledge
and that will give you definite and steady success. My small effort can be
useful to those who are earning from Instagram. So let’s begin with it.

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Three things to do while creating Instagram account

Decide your niche

I have been visiting many famous Instagram account and one
thing is common is content. If you are good content writer then just pick up
your niche that goes viral and start posting, you can also check out your
competitors account to find your niche, such as writing about sports,
celebrity, food, funny videos or depend on your interest.

Create complete account

Everyone knows how to create account in Instagram. Fill your
profile description well that will help your followers to know more about you. Find
suitable logo for your account, even 3d logos are also famous nowadays, put
some nice profile pictures, you can also mention your email Id for
collaboration or just write PM for business.

Make an add

Create add to tell people to follow you, some high quality
video and music will help you to get more followers, Post add on other similar pages
and in your social circle.


Top 8 secrets to become Instagram famous


1. Repeat your most liked post:

For instance you have shared a video on recipe and it has got
many likes and your followers have been increasing afterwards this is the clear
indication from you followers that they really like this video and want you to
make more videos on the same topic so notice your account carefully and do what
your followers wish. This automatically increases your followers.

2. Be connected with your viewers

Whenever your followers comment something just reply, If they
just sent smiley then small heart on right side in Instagram do like that, One
will feel special and recognized and will be your loyal follower forever. Won’t
you feel good if someone does this to you?


3. Regular Insta stories

Don’t take this lightly. Instagram stories will surely bring
more followers. If it’s not possible for you to make story on daily basis then
schedule it once in three days but do Instagram story it is very effective.

4. Share the same post on other social media platform

Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, P-Interest, there are many more social
media platform to share one post, do use it, if not all then some of it, Decide
one post and rest just post on all other social media platform that will bring
you many followers across the all social networks. Utilise them wisely to
increase your followers.

5. Give hint or teaser for upcoming posts

This is also very effective and creates curiosity amongst
your followers. Try to give hint about your next post, Event or video. What are
you going to do next, how this can be beneficial to them? Just give small hint
about it and the rest leave upon the followers.

6. Use Schedule for post regular post for organic posters

If you are looking for organic followers then you have to
post regularly, If you are travelling or busy with some other stuff then just
schedule your post. Posting regularly will engage your followers with you and
they will be waiting for your next post after the other.

7. Use video for more engagement

Researchers found that posting video is more attractive then
image, If you have really good camera than try to post more videos then images.

8. Like popular hash tags

Find your audience like or comment on particular engagement
group. There are many popular hash tags and I have found people following them
all. But try to find out right audience and accordingly follow it. For example
if you are having photography accounts than there is no point of following #deepikapadukon.
Do not only follow celebrities instead follow right audience, loyal followers
who is going to like your future post


I have seen people following others so that they can follow
you back follow others but do  not exceed
more than 100 a day you can un follow them by next day too.

Don’t upload everything at one go post only 3 times a day
that is more than enough.

Use most relevant trending hash tags if you are beginners. There
many tools available online use them.

Do not believe in imposters who takes money out of you and
give you likes or followers, they are not genuine at all, likes, and followers
everything is fake.

Be aware, Stay Blessed. J






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