How Can We Protect Marine Life from Extinction

How we can protect marine life from extinction Extinction means that the loss of species or other taxonomic unit occurring when there are no surviving individuals elsewhere. Every species however small may have an important role in maintaining a well-balanced ecosystem. Recent surveys suggest that the number of species in an area may enhance ecosystem productivity and stability; hence the loss of any species could be detrimental to the ecosystem. Direct effects and indirect effects as a result of climate change and perturbations of ocean biogeochemistry have been the major reasons for species extinction.

There is evidence that regional ecosystems such as estuaries, coral reefs, and coastal and oceanic fish communities are undergoing rapid losses whether in individuals, whole species or entire functional groups. As a result there was several ways that we can do to protect the marine life from extinction. First and foremost, government can organise some speech that refer to the important of marine life or the negative effect that marine life being extinction.

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By using this method, as a citizen we can get more information about the serious consequences of the marine life being extinction. Inch by inch, people will try many ways to protect the marine life of being extinction. There are several example that we can refer is the cultivation of sea turtle, anti-shark fin activity and more. As a result, marine life can have a lower percentage to being extinction. In addition, government also can set up a protection zone for the marine life and rendition the law sanction to those who trespass those area.

In this way more marine life can live in a safety area and adhere to the law of ecosystem without disturb from human being. Not only that, we also can attend some activity that conduct by the animals association such WWF, PERHILITAN, and more. This is because these animals association has their correct way, higher productiveness way to avoid marine animals from being extinction. Besides, not only the government or private animals association have to paid affects to avoid the marine animals being extinction but it also can be done by a normal citizen like us.

For example, never throw toxic materials, rubbish into ocean, because it may pollute the ocean and increase the chance of the marine life getting extinction. By the innovation of 3R reduce, reuse, recycle not only can help us to maintain our environment pollution but it also can help us to reduce the average of marine life being extinction by having unpolluted environment for to marine life. In conclusion, protect marine animals from being extinction not a event that can don’t in a short duration instead this need to be underway for a long period of time with the cooperate from different organization.



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