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How many times have you told your kids or your parents told you to stop playing videogames? A lot? I thought so. After you read this, I will be able to prove those video game haters correct with videogames being bad for people. This essay is here to prove those videogame supporters wrong. There are many reasons videogames are bad for people. For example, videogames have caused an increase in violence, have made people change the way they view the world around them and people shouldn’t have living entities as targets for videogames.Some people argue that videogames and violence have no link to each other. Although a recent study was able to prove that the actions made by people have become more violent after playing videogames. This is also true with the number of violent videogames played by kids and adults alike. Also, many students have caused more shootings and bombings after playing violent videogames than before they played any videogames whatsoever. The amount of violence, even inside of schools, has increased dramatically. Most of the people that have either caused a shooting or a bombing were addicted to violent videogames as well. Many people, without a doubt, believe that violent videogames should not be allowed in anyway possible. Many parents won’t even buy violent videogames for their children. In the year 1998, a kid saw at least 180,000 actions of violent doings through youtube and other videogames. These actions affected how the kid saw the world around him. He was more violent and more aggressive towards other people.Videogames are gaining more violence and also giving more kids more violent thoughts. A way to prevent violence is to look at the age restriction on the games. The parents who don’t look at those put their kids at a higher risk for violent actions in the near future. For example, in the year 1998, a kid saw at least 180,000 actions of violent actions through youtube and other videogames. These actions affected how the kid saw the world around him. He was more violent and more aggressive towards other people. The American Academy of Pediatrics says “People should not use humans or other living targets or award points for killing because violent videogames teach children to associate pleasure and success with their ability to cause pain and suffering to others.” President Barack Obama also wanted to research violent videogames to find if there is a link between violent videogames and violent acts in general. In most videogames, people who hurt another player get rewards and if you shoot another player enough or in the right place, you can get bonus points or cash. This teaches kids, and anyone else that plays videogames, that violence is rewarding.There are some studies out there that prove that videogames do both physical and mental harm to your body. Some of these effects may be muscle stiffness, physical appearance, lack of vitamin D, and memory problems. Video games lead to muscle stiffness in the shoulders because of the poor posture when sitting. Xbox Kinect and Wii only help in certain games like Wii Sports. But not all games work out in all situations like Mario Kart or The Adventures of Zelda. Continuous playing can also change your physical traits as well. Some people have reported having black circles under the eyes after continuous gameplay of video games. Videogames lead to the lack of vitamin D which helps support strong bones. Since kids don’t see sunlight very much they can’t strengthen their bones. This leads to people of having a higher risk of fracturing and or breaking bones. Video games also lead to seizures. These seizures are caused by flashing lights on screens. Violent video games contribute to this a lot. With the flashing of a gunshot and sudden explosions, these can be very harmful to the mind.Video games can also cause negative mental effects. Videogames can affect the amount of information that can be remembered and recalled. Video games cause people to try to remember patterns and games and forget about important information. This can lead to failing grades and an increase of jobless people. Video games also connect pain and death to rewards for committing crimes. Video games also decrease the social lives of many people because of excessive video game playing. Because people can’t go outside and play video games, this limits the amount of social interaction. Although people can talk to others through some videogames, this can’t help with the face to face conversations people have. Video games make people less interactive and decrease people’s chances of going outside because of their lack of social intelligence.Some people do strongly believe that videogames do more good than harm. Gaming has been linked to obesity, but gaming may make you less likely to pick up something to drink or eat. Videogames has also made kids open-up more to others and may also help them make friends because they could be used as a ground base for most kids. Kids are less likely to be bullies. Violent videogames can also relieve strong feelings inside of kids who play the bad guy in videogames sometimes make the person playing feel guilty. Videogames can teach kids what the right decisions might be.Videogames is a very puzzling topic for many people, but based off of research, the answer to the question of video games being bad or good is a very simple answer. The mental effects can change how people think and view the world around them as well. They view violence as an advantage than where violence gets you nowhere. They can start to believe that violence will get you money or where hurting other people will get you higher rank and popularity. If you help limit the amount of time spent on playing violent videogames, you could help reduce the amount of violence in the U.S.

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