how gmo effect life

social Justice is warranted for the rights of homosexuals as well as for those involved in the Rosenberg case. For characters like Louis, who performs menial tasks forof the closet.

Joe is not willing to admit he is gay; he even has a wife. At the end, however, he is able to admit to himself (and others) that he is a homosexual. Cohn is closeted, like Joe was. The difference between the characters was that Cohn engaged in homosexual activity frequently; he was not in self-denial like Joe.Another difference is that Joe eventually tells people he is a homosexual.

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Cohn never does this because e thinks it would ruin his reputation, and would diminish the power he has over others. He sees homosexuals as having less “clout” than heterosexuals. And Roy Cohn is all about the power. Roy more often works to re-possess his identity by denying the label??”or subverting it–in order to, in his own way, “take the right and privilege of definition away from the oppressor” (26). embers of the court, a more even distribution of wealth is a clear sign of progress, while Harper’s fears of gaps in the ozone layer appear to prompt measures towards environmental In Oryx and Crake, Atwood creates a world where food is no longer he work of nature; instead, it has become a man-made creation. Her overall argument about genetically engineered food is that if taken too far, it can override ethical and safety concerns.

Atwood does, however, in a way talk about the benefits and advantages of GMO’s. For example, Crake tells Jimmy to “look at it realistically. You can’t couple a minimum access to food with an expanding population” (119). Following this, Atwood discusses the potential conflict and dangers that come along with genetically modified foods.

Happicuppa coffee, for example, is an “improvement” of traditional coffee: “Until then the



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