How happened with you many times because most

How many times you face difficulty to give your newnumber to somebody?Yes it happened with you many times because most of usforget new number. But you know it is very easy to locate phone number whetheryou have an iPhone or android. Just take a look on following steps and followthem.

Findyour new number in an iPhone: Here are two easy ways that helps you to find yournumber in an iPhone.Bylooking in contact App:·       Openthe phone App.·       Thentap to contacts.·       Yournumber will be first listed here.Here you can get your number easily andutilize it.

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Bylooking in settings: ·       Openyour phone.·       Tapto settings.·       Hereyou find an option of “Phone”·       Thenclick on “my number”.·       Hereyou can see your number at the top of the screen.Howto see your number in android:It is very to find your number inandroid but all of us uses different version of android. But most of androidmanufacturers list the number at the top of the contact. We can find number inandroid by taking following steps:Inthe contact App:If you are using stock android orsomething very close to it like Google Pixel,Nexus, or the Lenovo Moto G, X, or Z then you have to:·       Openyour phone.

·       Tapto contacts.·       Clickon an icon name ‘Me” at the top of the contacts.·       Hereyou will see your number.It might ask to set my profile information if you havenot done this yet.

You can leave it with only your name, phone number and anemail. You can choose “More fields” if you want to enter more details aboutyou.Bylooking in settings:In any android regardless of manufacturer you will beable to find your number by just taking following steps:·      Openyour phone.·      Goto settings.·      Hereyou find an icon name ‘About Phone” or About Device·      Thenchoose status and click on “My phone number”·      Hereyou can see phone number.Ifyou have dual SIM:In case you have dual SIM then procedure will be same asdescribe above but when you choose “About phone”. Here you can see two optionname “SIM 1 status” or “SIM 2 status”.

Select the SIM then it will show yournumber.  


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